New Trends in Wedding Gowns

Full length gowns were no longer the rule. They can range from above the knee, down to ankle length. It is your choice. You also need to consider your body shape.

By: Anita Oksa

The bridal season was fast approaching and we didn’t have the lead time normally afforded to even medium sized weddings. My daughter’s fiancé was prematurely being posted abroad so the future date of the nuptials was suddenly made imminent. Mom and daughter went into action concentrating first, of course, on the bride’s attire.

Gemma was firm that it would not be a formal stuffy affair; but it wouldn’t be so casual as to replicate the hippy ceremony on the beach that her father and I had forty years ago. Phew ! It was great for us then but this was our daughter getting married now.

The ceremony would be performed in the same room as the reception at the local golf club. Lovely scenery, lots of parking and it was available on our desired date.

Gemma had seen some pink wedding dresses online at TopWedding UK which held her fancy. Amazed, I read up on this on the internet , my new bible, to learn that this was the latest hot trend. The color was much better for my blonde, blue eyed girl than the also very popular flesh color tone. One thing I learned quickly from my daughter was that I was going to don a different color than hers !

Full length gowns were no longer the rule. You can range from above the knee, all the way down to ankle length. It is your choice. You also need to consider your body shape. A pencil shape skirt doesn’t bode well with a pear shape body. In my older mind, the choices were over whelming. Sleeveless, strapless, over one shoulder, bubble bottom, a-line, halter top, scoop neck, layered skirt, criss- cross back. Luckily Gemma was still of that youthful age of knowing what is the latest and what she wanted. She chose a pastel pink, mid calf gown with a controlled balloon hugs skirt and a rose encrusted bolero jacket covering a lacey, shoulder capped, scoop neck. Feathers are very much in vogue as are embedded gem stones but too glitzy for her look.

With the feet exposed it was a treat to select foot attire that would be seen and which complemented the gown. Some of the options, too numerous to list, were wedding shoes made of satin, high heel platform, lace up, flats, flower design, backless, bows, two tone, rhinestones, pearls, pointy or round toe ! Gemma is of average height and as her husband to be is not of hobbit stature, she opted for a three inch heel, open- toed round pump in deep pink.

Onward and upward, so to speak, which brought us to wedding veils. Gemma didn’t want a veil since the idea of a tiara with chiffon wasn’t her. I thought it was the finishing touch and encouraged her to at least look. Our first sighting was the crystal studded headband. A bit too glamorous for her dress but very modern and adaptable for both short and long hair. With her long hair, I thought that an updo with enamel plated roses in hairpins or combs would be very stylish. The bird cage hat and veiled hat were runner ups and again hot trends but then she saw a style that she loved. The hair was draped in a loose bun, on the nape of her neck encased in a net with a feather band on an angle at the top of it. A bit of a forties, retro look but perfect.

We kept within our budget so we splurged on a cascading bridal bouquet of radiant, purply pink and white orchids. The tables were adorned with various colors of peonies which were in season. To keep in tune with the fun atmosphere of the wedding, the dinner options were listed on a chalkboard for the entrance with the same motif for the individual menus. We positioned a pop corn station near the obligatory bar.

When I learned of the urgency of the wedding date, I was hesitant that it could be done. I overlooked modern technology and the easy access to shopping. My husband also reminded me of my mad determination to get my daughter married to my wonderful son-in-law. Of course, the bride was glowingly beautiful on her day and ours.

About the Author:
Anita is a Travel Consultant who for may years worked for Air New Zealand. Now she enjoys writing for blogs and sharing her travel experiences. She lives in Vancouver Canada with her husband and two spoiled cats. You can contact Anita at:

Photo: Jin.Dongjun