Do Office Romances Always End in Disaster?

Office Romance

Office Romance

Although your workplace can be a pretty good place to meet a partner with similar interests and values, don’t rule out meeting Mr. Right elsewhere.

By: Christine Brown

You always seem to end up working on the same project with Richard. The way these assignments go it usually means long days and out of town travel. Being a gentleman, on late evenings he ensures that I get to my hotel room safely. The last time, there were several awkward seconds as our eyes met before saying goodnight. Spending so much time together can lead to a relationship that’s more than professional. Am I passing up an opportunity or am I being wise?

According to recent surveys, the workplace is the number one place to meet mates. However, before you decide to pursue a more personal connection with a colleague, make sure you’re prepared to follow these guidelines:

Be discreet.
Practice self-restraint on the job. Don’t be tempted to spend non-professional time in each other’s office.

Keep quiet about your romance; others might assume you’re spending more time on love than work.

Don’t give each other long knowing looks or play footsie under the desk.

Cute or passionate e-mails and phone messages are definitely out. They could be read or overheard by others, adding fuel to the fire.

Don’t date anyone who is in your direct chain of command.
Consider how you would feel having to give or receive negative feedback from your lover.

Situations can easily be interpreted by your co-workers as giving or receiving favoritism.

There might be a policy on interoffice dating and one of you might end up being reassigned. This could include a move to another department, a different location, maybe even a different city.

Accept that you will be a target for gossip.
Your colleagues are going to discuss your involvement, particularly if you’ve given them something to talk about. Keep a professional attitude and don’t get involved in discussions about your relationship.

Be Realistic.
It may seem like the romance will last for ever but what if it doesn’t. You’ll still be obligated to work together without grudges. How would you feel if he starts dating Tammy whom you’ve never liked much? Even worse, what if he takes a shine to your boss or your assistant.

Although your workplace can be a pretty good place to meet a partner with similar interests and values, don’t rule out meeting Mr. Right at the local Y, at an evening class or even the local supermarket. I recently saw a dog waiting for his master outside the pharmacy. He was attached to a parking meter with a leash that said “Dad’s single”. I was tempted to wait and meet “Dad”.

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