Organize Your Home Office in 2013

If you don’t have a home office yet, or if you feel like you need some tips on how to organize the space you have already, the time is now.


By: Terry Bright

So, you’ve finally done it. You’ve landed the perfect job, and they don’t want you to come into the office. Actually, you’re encouraged to stay home and work from your home office. You are on your way to getting paid to work in your PJs, and you can take your lunch break whenever you want. You might have to take a shower for the occasional Skype meeting, but at least now you can set up your home office to suit your own idiosyncratic tastes. If you don’t have a home office yet, or if you feel like you need some tips on how to organize the space you have already, the time is now. Make your work-from-home experience in 2013 a more organized and productive space, and accomplish all of the goals that you have set for this year.

Repurpose and Recycle, a home decorating site, offers some great ideas on how to create your own shelving out of things that you already have around the house or might have tossed into the recycling. Rather than spend a lot of money on cardboard file organizers and plastic file dividers, why not reuse your coffee cans, glass jars or shoe boxes? With some out-of-the-box thinking, you can create a vessel for your binder clips, pens and all other office supplies without spending a dime.

Manage Your Business from Anywhere

If you own your business, work from home, or if you are managing several projects and wearing several hats, you are most certainly going to need a cloud-based  management solution that will allow you to take care of bookkeeping, sending out invoices, and managing communication and customer service with your new and returning clients. Medium to large businesses like Australian company, Tree of Life, have used resources management software from Netsuite and found success in its advantageous software. If you find yourself struggling with running a business that is experiencing growth beyond what you are able to manage as one person, cloud management solutions can simplify your tasks.

The Office Armoire

Sometimes you have to think creatively to come up with the home office solution that will work for you. recommends college students and work-at-home types that are in between homes should create an office that can be easily moved and will not take up too much space. One solution is to create your office inside of an armoire. Even if you intend on living in the same place for several years, you can open up your office armoire up when you need to use it, and shut the doors when you need to create more living space in your home.

Paint a Calendar

This last suggestion from might seem a little extreme, but for the daring creative types painting a large calendar on your wall might be the ticket to your organizational success. Rather than waste money on a desk calendar that will be worthless once the year’s over, you can salvage a few trees and get paint and chalk that’s easily erased from your new wall calendar.

Now that you’ve fully realized your goal for a more organized home office, it’s time to gather the supplies and start getting to work on building your awesome new work space. First things first, swap out those uncomfortable dress shoes for some comfy slippers and ditch the briefcase.

About the Author:
Terry Bright was a full-time writer for several newspapers.  He is now happy to have the opportunity to write business and financial news for online sites.

Photo: mkosut