best places to retire

12 Best Places in the World to Retire

Globalization made the world a very small place. It has never been more affordable and easier to retire abroad.

You worked hard so why don’t you make sure you enjoy the fruit of your labor with some actual sweet fruit in your hand! All while relaxing on an idyllic beach under a palm tree. If sand between your toes is not your idea of bliss, then somewhere around the globe you are sure to find the ideal retirement location.

There is a lot to consider when deciding where to retire. As an aging person access to good healthcare is …

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dry skin

Home Remedies for Treating Dry Skin

If you suffer from severe skin dryness, massage your skin regularly with castor, avocado or almond oil. Regular oil massage will keep your skin moist.

By: Dr Marina Gafanovich

Everybody wants to have soft, smooth and plump skin but not all people are blessed with it. Dry skin problems are usually more troublesome during the winter season and hence need to be cared for properly.

An effective remedy for keeping skin dryness under control during the winter season is the use of plenty of moisturizer. If you suffer from dry skin, apply some of the natural remedies given below …

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stress management

Understanding Stress

Once you have lowered your stress level, there are techniques you might want to try that will help prevent it from building up again.

Stress is a fact of daily life and is the result of both the good and bad things that happen. Too much stress can cause serious health concerns, but there are many ways of dealing with stress that can reduce your risk.

Because everyone is different, there is no single way to cope with stress. However, there are a number of approaches you can try to deal with short and long term stress.

* Identify

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Clean closet

How to Make Over Your Closet

The best way to sort a closet is to pull everything out at once. A Hefty sack can be used to stuff inside the clothes you no longer wish to keep.

By: Stefania Shaffer

Let’s face it. We are regular people who do not live the lives featured in glossy magazines. We aspire to be neater, but to achieve this optic we would need to subsist on six interchangeable outfits of monochromatic khaki and white. What about winter clothes? What about navy blue? How can we whittle away our wardrobes to better suit the life we lead?

After moving …

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elderly hoarder

How to Care for an Elderly Hoarder?

When I said yes to the job of caring for my elderly mother, I had no idea I was also saying yes to care for a house that had been equally badly neglected.

By: Stefania Shaffer

Have you ever passed by one of those houses where the crooked garage doors are barely holding themselves together over the heaping bulge behind them?

Then one day, on your usual stroll of the neighborhood, those garage doors are popped wide open for the whole world to see. You shudder and gasp aloud. You don’t want to linger for too long because it …

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How to Protect Your Spine

Four great ways to help promote a healthy spine including, avoidance of nicotine, maintaining appropriate conditioning, using proper ergonomics.

Dr. Schuler emphasizes the connection between spinal health and genetics. He outlines four great ways to help promote a healthy spine including, avoidance of nicotine, maintaining appropriate conditioning, using proper ergonomics, as well as maintaining a healthy body weight and nutritional intake.

Video created by the doctors at the Virginia Spine Institute

Photo of Plastic Spine: Michael Dorausch

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Being Comfortable When You Travel

Sometimes being comfortable is not only about money. Here is a list of things that could make the difference when you travel.

If you no longer want to deal with the hassles of traveling by plane or train or car, and faraway places are no longer on your bucket list, take a step back and look around you. Do you know your town well? Have you seen all there is to see?

I am the first one to admit that I am guilty of overlooking what is right in front of me. Realizing this fact, I have started to …

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drinking water

Benefits of Drinking Water

Drinking plenty of  water has many health benefits  and as a bonus, it has no carbohydrates, fat, calories or sugar.

The amount of water we drink on a daily basis could play a crucial role in keeping our body healthy. Professionals recommend at least eight to ten glasses of water per day to keep our body well hydrated.

In addition, the Institute of Medicine has determined that the adequate consumption of total
beverages on a daily basis to be about 2.2 liters or 9 cups for women and 3 liters or 13 cups
for men.

Not drinking enough water …

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Travel Solo or With a Tour?

Many people wonder if they should travel solo or with a tour. Both have advantages and drawbacks, which depend on your age and relationship status.

Many people wonder about traveling solo or with a tour. Both have advantages and drawbacks, which depend on your age, relationship status, and how much comfort or adventure you seek. I have done both, and from my experience as a single woman, my advice is to go with a tour.

For my first trip when I was alone, I chose to go on a tour to Egypt. I had dreamed of seeing the pyramids …

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Boiled Wool Slippers

Slippers made of boiled wool sounds more ominous than the actual product. They are merely super comfortable slippers made of woolen fabric.

By: Anita Oksa

A slipper, by definition of the Oxford Dictionary, is a light, loose, comfortable indoor shoe.  Many cultures, notably Asian, routinely grace their feet with slippers upon entry to their homes.  In Northern Italy I visited my friend’s family home and upon entering, was offered paper slippers in exchange for my shoes. Not only are slippers enticing to wear but cleaner and safer for your floors. In one instance, my colleague related to me that …

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well being

Well-Being in Later Life

Well-being is not an either-or-experience, but rather a way of learning how to live with things that are unchangeable. So, how do you find a sense of well-being?

By: Deborah Serani, Psy.D

Many people misunderstand the word “well-being”.

Typically, they believe that it means to be well.

It’s true. Those actual words are right in there… well being.

The phrase, however, is actually the experience of learning how to live as well as you can with all the good in your life, but also by accepting all the bad… and everything in-between too.

Well-being is not an either-or-experience, …

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attempting suicide

Attempting Suicide

Attempting suicide was like having sex: there was always a lull before having another go. For the moment, Althea might be sick, but she was safe.

By: Ashley Prentice Norton

But when she tried to hang herself, the shower rod couldn’t sustain her weight and it slid down the wall, taking her with it. Jesus. Her sole injury was a laceration from smacking her head on the tub. The only upside of this whole fiasco was that she had found something to do from 8:42 a.m. to 9:06 a.m. Filling time was always a bitch during the Tombs.…

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healthy skin

10 Steps to Healthy Skin at Every Age

Your skin can speak volumes about your emotional and physical health. Healthy skin is the first thing that people will notice about your appearance

Your skin can speak volumes about your emotional and physical health. Healthy skin is the first thing that people will notice about your appearance. Therefore, you’ll want to develop a program that will maintain a healthy looking skin at every stage of your life. Fortunately, there are many steps that you can take that will keep your skin fresh and beautiful at any age.

1. Step for Treating Acne
If you think only teenage girls …

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water for diabetics

Diabetics Need to Drink More Water

Diabetics who drink enough water can help regulate their blood sugar and may lower their risk of additional health problems such as obesity.

Just over 9 percent of the U.S. population, or 29.1 million people, are living with diabetes, reports the American Diabetes Association. To stay healthy, people with diabetes must make significant changes to their diet and lifestyle. However, much of the nutrition advice diabetics receive focuses on their need to regulate blood sugar. While appropriate blood sugar regulation is an essential part of healthy diabetes management, the role of hydration is often overlooked. Proper hydration is …

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arthritis pain

Reduce Arthritis Pain Naturally

A natural method to reduce arthritis pain, improve movement and quality of life can in many cases avoid joint replacement.

A quick test to see if you are suffering with osteoarthritis needlessly…

My biggest bug bear is when people suffer needlessly. I had pain and restriction in my knees with osteoarthritis for 7 years. When I stumbled on the solution it took me 3 months to resolve the pain and stiffness entirely! Nearly 20 years later I am still pain-free and have no physical restrictions.

Since then I have worked as a Physiotherapist specializing in osteoarthritis treatment. I frequently

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