What is a Brow Lift?

What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift can help reverse the process by minimizing creases in the forehead and reducing furrowed brow lines, droopy eyebrows, and hooding over the eyes.

By: Gray Rollins

A brow lift, also called an endobrow lift or a forehead lift, is a surgical procedure designed to reduce sagging in the skin on the forehead, upper eyelids, and eyebrows. Brow lifts are most often used to help reverse signs of aging, usually in individuals over the age of 40, although this procedure is suitable for adult patients of any age. As the body ages, skin loses some of its elasticity …

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Inform Yourself About Cervical Cancer

DoctorCervical cancer occurs when normal body cells in the cervix transform themselves and develop into a tumor. It can be prevented but one must first know the risk factors that can lead to cervical cancer.

By: Elysiana Canlas

Cervical cancer is a disease in which body cells in the cervix or the uterus’ lower part are malfunctioning. The cervix is the canal that leads to the vagina.

To understand cervical cancer, it is important to note where in the body the cervix is located. It is the birth canal that leads to the vagina. Cervical cancer occurs when normal body …

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Staying Young Naturally

Staying Young Naturally

Forget the extreme pain that comes with extreme makeovers, here are five quick tips to help you stay young….naturally!

By: The Natural Health Directory

1. Quit Smoking
When it comes to staying young, smoking is one of the most destructive things you can do to rob yourself of your youthfulness. While some people think it helps keep them slim, you only have to look at long term smokers to see its side effects like sallow skin, yellow teeth and lips, coughing, shortness of breath and those unsightly lip lines from pursed lips around a cigarette. Smokers also run an …

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breast cancer

Breast Cancer Treatment: Coping With a Mastectomy

I went through two separate mastectomies, for my breast cancer, despite the fact that I wanted them both done at the same time.

By: Melissa Buhmeyer

As women, especially American women, much of our femininity is centered on our breasts. No matter where you look, there are pictures, billboards, commercials, television shows, and movies with women with these beautiful breasts and ample cleavage. The thought of losing one or both breasts, to breast cancer, can be devastating for many of us. Sure, there’s reconstruction, but will it ever really look the same again? Even if you have reconstruction, you’ll …

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Creative Imagination

Creative Imagination

Exercise your basic imagination. It can be as simple as thinking in pictures more, or listening to music in your mind. Play little “movies” in your mind, until you can watch them on command.


By: Steve Gillman

Creative imagination is more than just active imagination. To be able to actively imagine things, to see and hear things in one’s mind, is an important ability. It doesn’t have to involve much creativity, though, does it? Daydreaming, for example, is a process of imagination. It can consist of an elaborate fantasy world, but one full of all the things that many …

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Importance of High Fiber and Low Fat Foods

High Fiber Food

While it is true that overcooking certain vegetables can result in some loss of nutrients, cooking has no effect whatsoever on fiber content.

By: Troy Francis

The easiest and most effective changes that you can make to your diet is to eat more fiber rich foods, and fewer foods rich in fat. Why boost fiber intake?

Boosting the intake of fiber while controlling fat and increasing exercise, can lead to decreased weight and helps you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

The fact of the matter is most people consume too much of the bad stuff- things like sugar, salt and …

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You Know But Do You Believe It?

You Can Make Positive Changes

Exercise, alcohol and drug abuse, sleeplessness, working long hours, and controlling your budget all influence your life.

By: Natasha Morgan

For some time now, television, newspapers and magazines have been shouting out results of the latest studies ranging from the harmful effects of snoring to the benefits of eating blueberries. When the American Cancer Society or Heart Foundation, whom we all believe to be credible organizations, confirm these studies, most of us will admit to believing them.

Why then is it so difficult for us to make lifestyle changes that can affect the quality of our life and possibly even …

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Brain Exercises

Simple brain exercises to strengthen your memory can be the repetitive use of any memory techniques. Here are some general brain exercises you can do anywhere, followed by a few ideas for exercising specific areas of brain function.

By: Steve Gillman

Some brain exercises can be as simple as an intelligent conversation or reading something new. Others can be more involved, like doing crossword puzzles or solving lateral thinking puzzles. Here are some general brain exercises you can do anywhere, followed by a few ideas for exercising specific areas of brain function.

Some Simple Brain Exercises

An entertaining brain exercise …

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The Macs-Lift Explained

Macs Lift

Patients want more of a European-type change that is subtle and youthful rather than the more obvious American-type facelift, which can create a wind-tunnel effect or skin that looks too tight.

By: Dr. Kourosh Tavakoli

Lise Petersen spoke with Sydney plastic surgeon Dr. Kourosh Tavakoli about the MACS-lift, a new European facelift that gives a more natural and softer result than a traditional facelift.

According to Sydney plastic surgeon Dr Kourosh Tavakoli, the MACS-lift, or minimal access cranial suspension lift, is a new European facelift that compares very favourably with the traditional facelift. ‘Today in Australia the emphasis is definitely …

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Olive Oil in Diet Better Than Whole Grain Bread


Olive Oil

A diet containing olive oil is effective for significantly lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. Both of these factors are an important determinant of the long-term onset of cardiovascular disease.


By: Hans Dekker

For those who want to live a healthy lifestyle, new research has shown that the daily use of Olive Oil in your meal is especially beneficial. In fact the use of Olive Oil seems to be even more beneficial then eating an extra slice of whole wheat bread. This is the outcome of research by members of the John Hopkins University on a comparison between three …

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Woman Dreaming

Dreaming is our mind’s way of cleaning the clutter from our mental computer so we can retain the more important stuff. This might explain why we wake up tired.

By: Regenia G. Butcher

It will be several hours until the alarm buzzes, but suddenly a man bolts up to a near-sitting position in bed. The room is peaceful, yet he’s terrified, and can’t immediately reason why. Then, after convincing himself that all’s calm and he’s safe, he begins to unravel a few details of what has just scared him awake.

Another alarm sounds and a woman shuts it off, pulls …

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What Does Cosmetic Surgery Typically Cost?

Cosmetic Surgery
Depending upon the individual, a facelift, eye lid surgery, liposuction and breast implants can
all presents a unique challenge to the doctor.

By: Gray Rollins

The costs for cosmetic surgery vary greatly throughout the United States. A number of factors contribute to these cost differences including the type of cosmetic surgery procedure performed, the level of complexity presented by the patient (in other words, how much work is needed), the location, and the surgeon’s individual fees. It is entirely feasible that two individuals visiting the same surgeon for a consultation on a procedure will be quoted two different prices. This …

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Are You Still Struggling with Dry Brittle Nails?

End to Dry Brittle Nails

Cosmetic companies advertise products that will alleviate nail splitting, peeling and breaking. They promise strong healthy nails, and tell you that it’s possible to have beautiful hands with a home manicure.

By: Natasha Morgan

Are you still struggling with dry brittle nails that lead to splitting and breaking?

For years, cosmetic companies have advertised products that will alleviate nail splitting, peeling and breaking. They promise strong healthy nails, and tell you that it’s possible to have beautiful hands with a home manicure.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy! Yet, it can be done if you are willing to make the effort. …

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The Health Aspects Of Chocolate


Chocolate contains high levels of potassium and magnesium, as well as vitamins B1, B2, D and E. Chocolate can also lower blood pressure and prevent arteries from hardening, therefore protecting the heart.

By: Elli Potrelli

Chocolate is relaxing. It’s calming. It soothes our nerves and makes us feel good. And we often think of it as a sinful indulgence. But it doesn’t have to be. If you choose your chocolate wisely, you can enjoy it without the guilty feelings we normally associate with it.

What Are the Healthy Aspects of Chocolate?

By eating small amounts of the right chocolate, you …

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Water Purification Units – Every Home Needs One

Filtered water will hydrate you and help to regulate your internal functions. It will also help to flush out impurities that accumulate within the body. There are different units that provide different levels of filtration.

By: Juliette Pickup

If you had to take a sample of the water that we drink ever day then you would probably be absolutely horrified at the contaminants that we put into our bodies every day. This is over and above the unhealthy food and drinks that we consume at every opportunity. Water is supposed to be the way in which we flush those …

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