The Alternative Hormone Treatment Controversy

Hormone Replacement TherapySuzanne Somers in her hot new book recommends their use as alternatives to the estrogen and progestin supplements which were once widely used for hot flashes and other menopause symptoms.

By: Natasha Morgan

The controversy over alternative hormone treatments for aging is receiving wide-spread publicity and the American Medical Association is getting involved.

The so called “natural” hormones are said to contain the same chemical and molecular structure as hormones that the human body produces. They promise to be plant-based but because they are not FDA-approved, their exact ingredients are not known and could contain synthetic products. As a result, …

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Electrolytes and Sports Drinks

Sports DrinksIf you exercise heavily, electrolytes can be lost with your sweat. These electrolytes must be replaced to keep the electrolyte concentrations of your body fluids constant.

By: Natasha Morgan

Gatorade, Propel and other sports drinks have become popular among women participating in sports at all levels. Extensive advertising has been geared to convince you that electrolytes found in these drinks are necessary for a healthy body function when you are active.

Many unbiased studies on the benefits of sports drinks have been conducted and the results show that “the jury is still out”.

Some suggest that for exercise lasting longer …

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The Soft Drink Craze

Soft DrinksMany people are switching to fruit drinks, sports drinks and iced tea. Unfortunately, they also contain large amounts of sugar adding calories to the diet of unsuspecting consumers.

By: Natasha Morgan

Carbonated soft drinks are the single biggest source of calories in the American diet, providing about seven percent of our total caloric intake. Adding non-carbonated drinks to this figure, it rises to a whopping nine percent.

Is it any wonder that obesity and sugar diabetes has become such a serious concern to professionals working in the health sector?

The average daily intake of ten to fifteen teaspoons of refined …

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Perspiration and Sweat Explained

DeodorantNerves from stressful situations can cause an unwanted sensation, leading to damp palms and sticky under-arms at the worst possible moment.

By: Natasha Morgan

We’ve all experienced the uncomfortable moment when beads of perspiration begin to form on our bodies. It is easily explained as the temperature rises to an uncomfortable level or you’re working your muscles with various forms of exercise. The repeated “sweats” that most menopausal women face are no picnic either and they arrive without warning causing discomfort and embarrassment. Nerves from stressful situations can also cause the unwanted sensation, leading to damp palms and sticky under-arms …

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My Tumor


The word itself means “to swell.” Tumors occur more in women than men. This could be due to there being more fibroid tissue in women.

By: Pat Jacobs

I thought I had gained a few pounds; I tried all kinds of diets, and it seemed that a few even worked. But I never totally lost all the weight; eventually I chalked it up to the fact that sometimes you DO gain weight over any period of time. And so I coped quite successfully.

For several summers, my left leg would swell up like crazy; I always attributed this to …

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Bone Builders

 Milk Bottle

Supporting the skeleton with healthful habits now so it can support you later in life is especially important if you have an increased risk of osteoporosis-for example, if you’re female or have a thin, small-boned frame.


By: Dixie Farley

Support Your Bones With Healthy Habits

Unearthed skeletons from ancient times testify to the durability of bone long after other bodily tissue turns to dust. Living bone in the body, however, can lose mineral and fracture easily if neglected–a disorder called osteoporosis, or porous bones. One in two women and one in eight men over 50 suffer such fractures, …

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The Truth About Aging in America

Older People

Baby-Boomers are taking up activities they never had time for before; that indeed should make retirement seem like the “golden years”.


By: Lillian B. Rubin, Ph.D.

Increasingly long life spans:

If a public conversation on aging is to have any value, we need to talk about how much has changed and how little, about the social and psychological meanings of living so long and how they interact with each other in a society that, at best, is ambivalent about its old. We need to think aloud about the impact of our increasingly long life span on those who follow …

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Fashion’s Shadow

Black is still fashionable

“The little black dress” became popular again in the 1950’s and is still seen in fashion magazines today.

By: Pat Jacobs

Wearing black has been fashionable in many times and places since the 14th century. For example, black clothing had become THE color to wear at the Spanish court by the late 16th century, but was modified by adding a white collar or muff. Spanish black soon became the color to wear in Holland, Italy, and England as well.

Due to many others wearing it, Spanish black was considered old-fashioned by the mid-17th century. It suggested age and religious piety. …

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Enjoy Your Wine

Wine glasses and bottle

The solution is to never drink a red wine that is less than ten years old and a white that is less than five years old.

By: Natasha Morgan

After many years of enjoying a tasty glass of wine, quite suddenly I began to have a bad reaction even after only a couple of sips. It was not obvious right away but the next day, I was very sick. I felt as though I had a terrible hang-over, yet I had only consumed one glass of red wine. What’s up…. what’s happened to my body?

Well, if you’re one …

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Replace Fear with Trust

School House

It is deeds that will help the school children see that I not only talk the talk but walk the walk.

By: Rafe Esquith

On the first day of school, within the first two minutes, I discuss this issue with the children. While most classrooms are based on fear, our classroom is based on trust. The children hear the words and like them, but they are only words. It is deeds that will help the children see that I not only talk the talk but walk the walk.

I use the following example with the students on their first day. …

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A Good Man is Hard to Find… Unless You Cook

A Good Man in Chicago

Dating services in Chicago are as diverse as the city itself. There are at least 40 dating services in the immediate area. Several places cater to Catholics, Buppies, (black urban professionals), the Jewish, Yuppies, and Hispanics, among others.

By: Pat Jacobs

Dating services in Chicago are as diverse as the city itself. There are at least 40 in the immediate area. Several places cater to Catholics, Buppies, (black urban professionals), the Jewish, Yuppies, and Hispanics, among others.

I decided to check out four- The Chicago Singles Network, Interactions, Great Expectations, and Introlens. I called and asked for information to be …

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The Key

Dr. Joe Vitale

What’s more powerful is to say “I’m sorry” to the people you hurt. I did my best to make peace with my past. It was a wonderful feeling.


By: Joe Vitale

Please Forgive Me

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

–Howard Thurman


If you feel stuck in any area of your life, if you’re not attracting the car, house, job, mate, or anything else you really want, it could very well be due to …

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Eight Steps to Finding and Creating the Work You Love

Work You Love

Test-driving your dream job with a mentor provides a hands-on experience that has the potential to change your life.

By: Brian Kurth, author of Test-Drive Your Dream Job

Many of us are still trying to figure out what we want to be when we grow up. We may have good jobs and nice paychecks, but we are not really happy in our work. We daydream about the “what if’s” in our life and long for the chance to discover and explore the job of our dreams. Identifying your dream job and the path that will take you there is …

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Notes from the Opt-Out Universe

Driving to Work

In record numbers, we are getting off the career freeway that was paved by our feminist foremothers, and taking exits that lead us back to marriage and motherhood, financial dependence, cookies and gardening.

By: Wendy Walker, author of Four Wives

As a twelve-year veteran of the suburban “opt-out” culture, I am intrigued by the renewed and misguided discourse on the social dynamics of the insular universe I inhabit. I see the points that are being made. In record numbers, we are getting off the career freeway that was paved by our feminist foremothers, and taking exits that lead us …

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Talking to the Boss and Getting What You Want

Talking to the Boss

Always approach your boss with respect especially if you’re looking for a really big raise, a really big promotion or anything you’re really not entitled to but want anyway.

By: Melissa Kirsch

Shorter hours, a pay raise, change of title, promotion. These are all reasons to initiate a talk with the boss. But remember this when approaching him about changing something in the workplace: Your boss’s number-one priority is to make sure you are satisfied enough to do your job well. Otherwise, everyone loses, including him. Always approach your boss with respect and promise yourself never to kiss ass …

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