Safety and Security Tips for Women

woman walking

Walking Alone

Women may also wish to avoid wearing trailing scarves or long necklaces, objects that enable criminals to more easily snatch you away from safety.

Women can avoid becoming the victim of a violent assault by taking steps to remove themselves from dangerous situations and environments. In today`s violent society, women must learn how to protect themselves in order to feel safe as they go about their day.

In order for a woman to protect herself from a physical or sexual assault, she must be aware of her surroundings. For example, women should avoid talking on a cell phone or listening to mp3 players as they walk down the street. If they are distracted by music or cell phone conversations, criminals can take them by surprise. If women are focused on what they are doing and where they are going, it will be more difficult for someone to attack them while they are unaware. They should also try to keep bundles and bags to a minimum so you are able to defend yourself if attacked.

Women should never walk alone in alleys or drive alone in dangerous neighborhoods at night. During the day, they should walk with confidence. They can accomplish this goal by swinging their arms, keeping their heads up and making eye contact with people. Keeping eye contact with potential criminals may discourage them from trying to attack.

When driving, women should keep their windows up and their doors locked at all times. Street smart women avoid sitting in the car with the doors unlocked as this can be an easy way for a carjacker to slip into the car and kidnap them. When a woman`s car is parked next to a van in the parking lot, she should consider entering her vehicle from the side further away from the van. This will make it less likely that someone waiting in the van can snatch the woman as she tries to get inside her own vehicle.

When entering a building, women should not take the stairs. At times, women have been attacked while in the stairwells of buildings. Instead, women should take the elevator. Experts suggest that women stand close to the elevator doors so that they can quickly escape if someone who makes them feel uncomfortable gets inside the elevator as well.

Sometimes merely changing the way you dress can prepare you to escape from an attacker. If a woman knows she will be walking down the street alone, it`s important for her to wear sensible shoes instead of high heels. Wearing flats or tennis shoes will ensure that she can run away if it is necessary to do so. Instead of short, narrow skirts, woman should consider wearing pants or full skirts. This will allow more freedom of movement, enabling the woman to kick. They may also wish to avoid wearing trailing scarves or long necklaces, objects that enable criminals to more easily snatch you away from safety.

Women can protect themselves from violent assaults by being aware of their surroundings and avoiding distractions. By avoiding isolated stairwells and staying away from potentially dangerous environments, they can avoid becoming the victims of assault. Of course, dressing in clothing that permits freedom of movement will also help them to be ready to fight or run away from attackers. If a woman wears compression hose, she will still be able to defend herself from attackers since compression hose do not limit freedom of movement.

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