Scents to Unleash your Inner Diva

Scents to Unleash your Inner DivaA night on the town with girlfriends is something all women need, regardless of age. So go ahead, get fancied up for a nice dinner and maybe some dancing.

By: Paige Rylann

Aging does not mean letting go of the inner diva that’s inside you. As we age we gain more wisdom and insight into the world around us. So put away the perfume your grandma wore and bring out the scents that will kick off the fun of beach parties, clam bakes, and dancing till the sun comes up. You are only as old as you feel and with the right perfume you’ll be feeling like a spry woman once again.

For most people work does not stop because summer begins, making the summer months some of the busiest times during the year. Family gatherings, camping trips, and the many other summer activities that find their way to your calendar make for some fun times and great memories which gives you the perfect opportunity to shop for some great new fragrances.

No summer is complete without a beach party with some great friends, great BBQ, and a few cold ones. A beach party BBQ calls for a light floral scent that’s strong enough not to get lost among the natural smells of the outdoors, a scent that is enhanced by it. Island by Michal Kors is a wonderful scent for summer that is fresh and voluptuous, combining subtle fruits, with lush florals, with a hint of woodsy accords. Island is a perfect perfume for any beach party. Or if you are looking for the ultimate summer scent, a scent like no other, the Burberry Summer by Burberry is a must have. This is a fresh clean, out of the shower scent that is one of the top selling perfumes of the season.

A night on the town with girlfriends is something all women need, regardless of age. Women are born with an innate sense of style so having the opportunity to get fancied up for a nice dinner and maybe some dancing is always a joy to look forward to. You need a fragrance that is going to last the entire night. You can’t go wrong with a classic scent like Vanderbilt by Gloria Vanderbilt. This popular scent that was introduced in 1994 is considered a designer fragrance and is a beautiful blend of flowery aromas. Recommended for evening wear, Vanderbilt is the perfect fragrance for a night out with your girlfriends.

Family reunions are another busy summer activity that families find themselves enjoying during the summertime. Aunts, uncles, and cousins reminiscing over the years spent apart and whether the reunion is held in the city, lake, or countryside, a new summer fragrance is just the thing to add to the wonderful new memories. Dolce and Gabbana have combined fruity, floral scents and came up with the casual and breezy scent that we know as Light Blue.

Summertime is a time to relax, show off your tan, visit with friends and family, and make memories to carry with you through the winter months. You can be that busy woman, working long hours during the day, and playing hard into the night, all the while smelling great. Use the summer as an excuse to add a few new fragrances to your collection, as a woman, as a diva, you deserve it.

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