Setting and Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

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Weight Loss

By concentrating on health, rather than pounds, women usually find the weight loss process less arduous. These simple ideas are also helpful.

By: Jenny Clother

Weight loss is a personal process, and success often depends on conquering the little things. This is especially true of setting a weight loss goal. Women who set the goal too high are almost certain to fail in their efforts and give up on weight loss entirely. Those who set the goal too low may be forfeiting some of the health benefits that come from achieving and maintaining the proper weight for their height, bone structure, and body type. The following ideas may be helpful to those wishing to find a healthy weight and maintain it for the rest of their lives:

Be Realistic

Almost everyone would love to look like the models that grace the covers of the major fashion magazines, but realistically, even at a healthy weight, most women are not built with those same attributes. When setting a goal for weight loss, use an online losing weight calculator as a beginning point, to determine your personal targets. Begin with a goal at the high end of the range and divide this into incremental goals that can be met in the short term to encourage success. The following suggestions may also make reaching a weight loss goal easier:

• Post reminders of your goal in prominent places; for example put it on a note card on top of the bathroom scale, on the door of the refrigerator and on the sun visor in the car.

• Set up rewards for reaching the smaller weight loss goals on the way to your ultimate goal, but make sure that these rewards have nothing to do with food.

• Buy a new outfit in the size that you wish to be and hang it where it is clearly visible in the closet. Try this on once a month until your goal is reached.

• Be patient; the slower the weight loss process, the more likely it is that the pounds will not be regained.

• Develop some accountability partners and make sure they know the goals that you have set and the desired timetable. Phone these partners after every weigh in to report progress.

Be Healthy

Although vanity plays a part in the desire to lose weight, most women are more concerned about reaching a healthy weight in order to feel better and live longer. By concentrating on health, rather than pounds, women usually find the weight loss process less arduous. These simple ideas are also helpful:

• Take a daily multi-vitamin to make sure that a low-calorie diet is not deficient.

• When hunger strikes, drink water before choosing to eat.

• Fill over half the plate with green vegetables, which will be filling and add fiber.

• Use spices to add flavor to foods rather than salt; this will prevent bloating.

When working toward a weight loss goal, expect small set-backs. Do not let these dampen your spirits. Keep moving forward, and take pictures of your progress along the way so that there is visual evidence of success to help you maintain motivation.

About the Author:
Jenny Clother used a free workout calculator to plan a fitness routine that suits her lifestyle. She uses
the ideas outlined here to help her stay focused on her personal goals.