Alzheimer’s Disease – Race for the Mind

Race for the Mind is a medical thriller that revolves around this enormous socioeconomic challenge and how the medical community and the high-risk, complex and controversial world of the pharmaceutical industry take it on.

The Stakes for the Race for the Mind Couldn’t be Higher:

* About 50 million people in the world have Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and by 2050 there will be well over 100 million.
* The annual cost to care for Americans with AD is projected to be $1.1 trillion in 2050; 1 in 3 dollars spent by Medicare.
* A patient is diagnosed with AD every …

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Feed That Brain!

Imagine being able to boost your IQ, sharpen your memory, improve your mood and keep your mind youthful. You can do all of these by just eating the right foods.

By: Gillian Eadie

Remember Popeye the Sailor Man? He was constantly guzzling spinach to get those great big bulging muscles ‘s well what you eat not only affects your muscles, but your – brain too and you are about to find out why his girlfriend Olive Oyl had the right idea….

We all know that to stay fit and strong and healthy we need to be including good sources of …

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Dodging Alzheimer's – What You Can Do Today


There is plenty you can do to stave off Alzheimer’s Disease, which conveniently includes the same things you do to prevent heart disease and stroke.

By: Bindu Grandhi and Brigid Beitel

Have you ever had a ‘senior moment’? Like when you walk into a room, and then forget why you went in there or lost your train of thought during a conversation?

These so called ‘senior moments’ are relatively harmless and alas are simply part of aging. But those who lose the ability to think, reason, remember people, places or events suffer from something more serious, Alzheimer’s disease (AD), …

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