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Managing Stress at the End of a Relationship


If you build a circle of friends who will share your joys as well as your sorrows, the ending of a relationship will pass much faster and easier.

By: Stan Popovich

It can be difficult to manage stress and depression when facing the end of a relationship. You not only feel sad but anxious, and it seems that your whole life has lost meaning.

Here is a list of ideas that might help you during that difficult time.

Give yourself time to heal. In the beginning you will feel sad and lonely. While you’re experiencing these feelings it’s …

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Everyone Can Discover Their Intuitive Gifts

Everyone Can Discover Their Intuitive Gifts

If your intuition tells you that you better not get on the plane because it is going to crash, should you get on the plane? You need to ask yourself, “Is my anxiety speaking to me or is my inner guidance bringing me this message?”

By: Carole Lynn

Would you like to use your intuition to make better decisions for yourself, your family and the world?  If so here are some tips on dealing with the challenges living an intuitive life brings.  Inner guidance can be extremely helpful, so it’s worth learning how to overcome the challenges of intuitive …

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Stress, Anxiety and Depression


A little bit of stress isn’t always a bad thing but being over-stressed may cause a range of health problems including headaches, upset stomach, high blood pressure.

By: Anne Wolski

Looking after your feelings and emotions is as important as taking care of your body. Most of us take care of our physical health far better than our feelings.

Stress is a normal reaction to what is happening in your life, and it can be caused by good, as well as bad events. A little bit of stress isn’t always a bad thing; but being over-stressed may cause …

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