It's Not What We Say, But What We Do

Despite the vast numbers of sonnets and songs, scientists believe that courtship between humans happens predominantly on a nonverbal level.

By: Marianne J. Legato, MD, FACP and Laura Tucker

Hey, Good-Lookin’

Physical appearance is, of course, one of the very first things we notice about one another. A male bird’s beautiful, brightly colored plumage intrigues prospective mates. The same is true of humans. I recently tried to persuade a good friend that charm and charisma were the things that men eventually and ultimately responded to in a woman. “The first thing we notice,” he replied, without missing a beat, “is …

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Intuition: The Language of Love

By: Sherrie Dillard
Tara, a friend of mine, first noticed Jeff while standing in the crowded line of a coffee shop waiting for her morning dose of caffeine. When their eyes met she felt a deep and compelling inner stirring. A casual hello that morning and the following morning, led to conversation and Jeff asking her to dinner. On their first date Tara told me that there was no denying their shared mutual attraction. Despite their many differences, such as education and occupation, Tara works for a biotechnical firm and Jeff drives a city bus, they both felt an instantaneous

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