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5 Lucrative Business Ideas for Ambitious Baby Boomers

Investing in a property maintenance service to carry out essential repairs is a guaranteed money-spinner for the shrewd baby boomer.

As we head towards our autumn years, many of us begin to think about slowing down.

Whether plans are afoot to frequent the golf course or in the company of our friends and family, it’s safe to say we’ve earned time away from the rat race.

However, for every 10 baby boomers with one eye on hitting the brakes, it seems there’s one with an insatiable urge to accelerate by getting involved in a new business venture.…

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baby boomers health problems

Top 7 Health Problems of Baby Boomers

Here are the top 7 health problems of baby boomers and some steps you can take to prevent the onset of these debilitating conditions.

With more than 70 million people about to reach retirement age, the healthcare industry is gearing up to meet the challenges that increased medical care demands will bring. The good news is that you can prevent several common age-related diseases by making some simple and sensible lifestyle changes.

Here are the top 7 health problems of baby boomers, and some steps you can take to prevent the onset of these conditions.


Osteoporosis is the …

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older adults

More Boomers Are Heading Downtown

Cities where boomers can walk to the movies or dinner can rely on public transit to access other parts of downtown. For some older adults, this can be a perk.

By: Peter Galvin

Retirees only make up .5 percent of people who are moving in this country, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. However, their changing preferences for relocation are poised to drastically affect the housing market in urban and suburban areas alike. Baby boomers are increasingly moving to the city, and while this may be fun and convenient for older adults, it’s posing challenges for families and young …

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Baby Boomers Attending Online College

This group has a bit of a learning curve when it comes to online college technology, and learning the terminology is a good way of getting up to speed quickly.

By: Tim Burns

A study conducted by the University of Kansas revealed that older adults adjusted to the online delivery method for college courses and reported higher satisfaction ratings than other studied groups. The National Center of Education Statistics reported more than half a million non-traditional students enrolled in colleges are baby boomers. This group has a bit of a learning curve when it comes to online college technology, …

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4 Top Things Baby Boomers Struggle with Most

Alcoholism and other addictions have become a problem for the boomer generation. It’s something that doesn’t get talked about and frequently goes unchecked.

The baby boomer generation is struggling today with a number of problems. Those born between 1946 and 1964 are said to enjoy some of the best resources available. However, the reality of their situation is much more difficult than the dream.

1. Retirement Planning Becomes Difficult in Later Years
Let’s face it, saving money is never easy. However, those in the baby boomer generation are getting to the age where it’s crucial. They have to plan

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Should Boomers Help Their Children Buy A Home?


Your children have years to save for a down payment on a house; you as a baby boomer may only have a handful of years left to save for your retirement.

If you are a parent, you may notice that grown children seem to do everything later than young adults used to—they may not graduate from college in four years, they may pursue a professional degree and not graduate until their late 20s. Whereas people used to get married in their early 20s, now many are waiting until their late 20s or early 30s. They are also buying

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Solutions for Baby Boomers' Long Term Care

Baby Boomers have to make sure that they have purchased enough insurance to cover escalating costs, or they may not be eligible for a long-term care policy.

By:Richard Jacobs

Coming of age the Baby Boom Generation is now or soon will be part of the senior generation.

Supposedly a majority of the Baby Boom Generation having enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle would very much like this to continue in retirement. Expected to live longer than the previous generations, thanks to the medical progression, they would still face challenges of outliving their savings.

The increased cost of living, low returns on investments, …

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Baby Boomers "The Generation"

The Baby Boomers in parts of the world prospered by the boom, proved to be a generation abundantly rich in health, wealth and optimism.

By: Richard Jacobs

Baby Boom Generation is a term which broadly depicts a generation born during the middle of the 20th Century. The exact birth years of the Baby Boom Generation have always been controversial. However, people born during the boom following the World War II were called part of the Baby Boom Generation.

In the United States, the Baby Boom Generation is generally associated with cultural hallmarks like the Six Million Dollar Man, Star Trek …

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Boomers Are Using Social Media to Make New Friends

Boomers Are Using Social Media to Make New Friends

Baby-boomers considered social media to be a tool for the younger generation. After all, didn’t they already have a hard time keeping up with the activities of their existing friends and family?

By: Natasha Morgan

The internet was always thought to be the exclusive domain of the young. Then, the older age groups discovered that e-mailing family and friends was easier and more cost effective than sending a fax or using “snail mail”.

While several years passed, Boomers began exploring the various “Search” options on the net and learned that nearly anything they wanted to know was available on some …

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The Myth of Social Security as Your Primary Retirement Income

Social Security as Your Primary Retirement Income

To keep it solvent, the Social Security Administration has already pushed back the age at which younger persons will be allowed to collect full benefits.

By: Douglas R. Andrew

When I ask people if they have any guaranteed source of retirement, they almost always answer, “Yes, Social Security.”

But is it smart to count on Social Security as your  primary source of retirement income? Is it possible that this national trust fund could be severely depleted? Consider the facts:

*  When Social Security was first enacted during the Great Depression, there were sixty workers to every one recipient of benefits. …

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