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7 Reasons for Boomers to Go Back to College

More opportunities than ever are available for boomers looking to get a college degree—but should you go back to school? Here are a few reasons why you should.

Baby boomers represent a growing portion of today’s college students—and they’re not just learning for fun. In fact, boomers are returning to school to advance their career prospects and earn more money for retirement and other financial obligations. With the number of workers at age 55 estimated to grow to 25% by 2020 (compared to 13 percent in 2000), this generation doesn’t want to clock off anytime soon.

With serious financial …

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Online Shopping for Baby Boomers

Here’s a new online retailer focused on the needs and lifestyles of Baby Boomers. The boomshop strives to make the lives of Boomers easier, healthier and more active.

While online shopping offers great convenience, it can be a hassle finding online stores that offer products that fit your needs. You can use keywords that narrow the search but you still have to delve through a mass amount of inventory in order to find what you want.

As Boomers, we generally get lumped in with the generic term “adults”. Of course, we know that 25 year old adults have very …

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More Boomers Are Heading Downtown

Cities where boomers can walk to the movies or dinner can rely on public transit to access other parts of downtown. For some older adults, this can be a perk.

By: Peter Galvin

Retirees only make up .5 percent of people who are moving in this country, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. However, their changing preferences for relocation are poised to drastically affect the housing market in urban and suburban areas alike. Baby boomers are increasingly moving to the city, and while this may be fun and convenient for older adults, it’s posing challenges for families and young …

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Boomers Are Using Social Media to Make New Friends

Boomers Are Using Social Media to Make New Friends

Baby-boomers considered social media to be a tool for the younger generation. After all, didn’t they already have a hard time keeping up with the activities of their existing friends and family?

By: Natasha Morgan

The internet was always thought to be the exclusive domain of the young. Then, the older age groups discovered that e-mailing family and friends was easier and more cost effective than sending a fax or using “snail mail”.

While several years passed, Boomers began exploring the various “Search” options on the net and learned that nearly anything they wanted to know was available on some …

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