budgeting leads to savings

Women or Men: Who Can Budget Better?


Just because women have a role in budgeting and financial management doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better at budgeting than men. Men may win the gender war!

By: Miora Owens

A 1950’s housewife may have known next to nothing about her family finances, leaving all the money handling to her husband (who not only brought home, but distributed, the bacon.) Today’s women, though, are more likely than ever to be involved with – or even to have the main responsibility for – the family’s basic budgeting and finances.

According to one survey, about 51% of women have complete …

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The Importance of a Household Budget


Take care to maintain your budget sheets; add or remove costs as they occur, and keep paying off the payments on credit cards and other debts.

By: Louise Tillotson

No matter what your current financial situation, it’s worthwhile managing it carefully. Creating and maintaining a household budget may sound complicated, but it’s easy once you know how, and is a very good habit to have.

Why have a household budget in the first place?

We all have a steady amount of cash each week or month to spend, but it’s what you do with this cash that can …

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10 Ways To Control Your Expenses At Home

Develop a shopping plan before you go out and make sure that you stick to it. This applies to food as much as clothes or other goods.

It is hard to find a family that has not been affected by the recession. If you have benefited from a reduction in mortgage costs, you may have suffered a pay cut or even lost your job. Whilst the vast majority have only been affected marginally, those that have lost jobs have been affected greatly. With unemployment set to increase yet further, insecurity of future income means that you must focus carefully on …

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The Silver Lining of the Recession

Woman Considering Her Life

If you are wondering ‘what it’s all about’, here are some ways you can reconnect, raise your awareness and start re-designing your way to a new meaningful life.

By: Laura Berman Fortgang

Human beings have often engaged in the search for meaning, but today’s economic downturn has brought the subject to light in a new way. People are re-evaluating whether their financial power to accumulate possessions and wealth is the only determining factor of their happiness and success. Some are being forced to shrink their activities, their budgets and their ambitions and many report that it is not all bad. …

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How to Recession Proof Your Family and Develop Kids Strengths

Girl Working on Computer

Too many CDs taking up space and not enough time transfer them to an iPod? If your child can work an iPod, he can offer this service to others.

By: Jenifer Fox

Remember the movie Karate Kid? Wax on, wax off? The zen master prepares the boy for Karate championship by having him repeat endless chores that seem meaningless like rubbing the wax on a car and rubbing it off. Later in life this motion is used as an expert Karate move.

When I was a girl, my father had us cleaning plate glass windows with a squee gee. Surprisingly,

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