Is Your Grandchild Serious? That's Healthy!

Some parents expressed concern about their children who seemed OK but were more serious than the children who laughed, smiled, and joked.

By: Leslie R. Martin, Ph.D.,

About a week ago I attended a party. Most of the attendees were parents and the discussion quickly turned to temperaments: whose babies slept through the night; whose little girls wore pants and whose refused anything but dresses; whose kids were cheerful and full of laughter and whose were more thoughtful and solemn. The matter of cheerfulness versus seriousness fascinated these parents because they saw it as something indicative of who the child

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My Mother’s Bed

Mother and Daughter

Lying next to my mother at forty-one, I felt a hand on my wrist, a delicate bird-hand I know as well as my own, as I wondered aloud what the hell happened to my life.

By: Elizabeth Flock

The bed is already crowded when I crawl into it.  The cats have arranged themselves neatly around my mother and they are not happy when I climb aboard and upset their cozy set-up.

I fit easily into my father’s mattress indentation, he’s begun his day but the covers have kept his spot warm.  My mother is just awake, still soft …

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