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5 Gifts You Can Give Your Grandkids for Christmas

Toys that teach children something are always popular. They keep kids of all ages entertained and helps them develop important skills.

Christmas is less than a month away which means you are thinking about gifts that you might like to give to your loved ones this year. Grandkids are a special treat because they grow up so fast and the one toy we thought would last a long time, isn’t so interesting anymore. Therefore, it’s important to find a toy that will keep them occupied for some time. Most toys that are like that tend to teach children something. It …

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Something Beyond Motherhood

Motherhood is an “invisible” job, a selfless job. Validation of who you are has to come from various places, not motherhood alone.

By: Barbara Machen

There is no validation in Motherhood alone. Validation is a big part of who we are as human beings but it is not something we should be actively seeking as mothers. Yes you can feel joy when you see your child do something you taught him. You can be relieved he looked both ways before crossing the street and has a sense of keeping safe or be proud when you watch him walk down the …

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Children and Mistakes

It’s fine to theoretically say that all children must make mistakes and fail, but when it’s our children, all that great insight can go out the window.

By: Alina Tugend

It’s crucial that we, as parents, allow our children to make mistakes and fail and figure out how to recover from them. We can’t rush in and fix every problem, whether it be forgotten homework, an awkward social encounter or not getting a part in the school play.

We know from research that building children’s self-esteem and self-worth is much less about praise and gold stars and trophies for everyone …

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Is Your Grandchild Serious? That's Healthy!

Some parents expressed concern about their children who seemed OK but were more serious than the children who laughed, smiled, and joked.

By: Leslie R. Martin, Ph.D.,

About a week ago I attended a party. Most of the attendees were parents and the discussion quickly turned to temperaments: whose babies slept through the night; whose little girls wore pants and whose refused anything but dresses; whose kids were cheerful and full of laughter and whose were more thoughtful and solemn. The matter of cheerfulness versus seriousness fascinated these parents because they saw it as something indicative of who the child

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New Year's Resolutions for Stepfamilies

Stepmothers can take a lesson from stepfathers:  Stepfathers generally report lower levels of involvement in the early years of stepfamily formation.

By: Wednesday Martin, Ph.D.

The dawn of 2010 is a watershed moment for what we might call the New American Family. This is the year, according to many experts, when stepfamilies will outnumber first families in the U.S. One in three Americans is now a “step” of some sort — stepparent, stepsibling, or stepchild.

There’s now no denying that stepfamilies have our place in mainstream American culture. But there are plenty of struggles too. Many stepfamilies find they don’t …

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How Your Children’s Divorce Affects You

Low Cost Divorce

When couples make the decision to divorce, their lives are in turmoil. Their emotions run high and much pain and anguish fill their days.

By: Natasha Morgan

It started out to be a nice visit from my son. We spent a great deal of time talking about our jobs and how our family members were coping with every day trials and tribulations. When we moved on to his family, he dropped the bombshell. I felt as though I had been kicked in the stomach when the words came out of his mouth: “Susan and I are getting a divorce!”…

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Motherhood Brings Meaning

Motherhood Brings Meaning

It has long been assumed that motherhood brings meaning to our lives but maybe not how you thought it would. Being a parent is a very hard job no matter how you slice it.

By: Laura Fortgang

It’s long been assumed that motherhood brings meaning to our lives. We guide, love, nurture and support our offspring and sometimes feel appreciated in return — all elements that can fuel our connectedness and satisfaction in the world. It’s easy to find meaningful moments as a mom, but it’s when things are tough that it seems we don’t know how to interpret what …

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My Mother’s Bed

Mother and Daughter

Lying next to my mother at forty-one, I felt a hand on my wrist, a delicate bird-hand I know as well as my own, as I wondered aloud what the hell happened to my life.

By: Elizabeth Flock

The bed is already crowded when I crawl into it.  The cats have arranged themselves neatly around my mother and they are not happy when I climb aboard and upset their cozy set-up.

I fit easily into my father’s mattress indentation, he’s begun his day but the covers have kept his spot warm.  My mother is just awake, still soft …

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