The ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ Trend

Bulletproof coffee also comes with 0 grams of carbs or fiber and a lowly 1 gram of protein. It’s completely devoid of many important vitamins and minerals.

From baby shower banter to podcast episodes, we’ve been hearing about the ‘Bulletproof Coffee’ trend everywhere. We’ve heard our fair share of anecdotes touting health benefits from the strange breakfast substitute. Because everyone out there is Googling it, we figured we would dig into the science.

First, let’s take a look at what ‘bulletproof coffee’ is supposed to mean.  You’re supposed to replace your breakfast with:

2 cups of coffee

2 tablespoons …

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The Social Side of Coffee


There are the chain brands, such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee, that appear in almost every location – on most high streets, town center and train stations.

People have been drinking coffee for many many years but it is relatively recently that, as a nation, we have embraced the coffee culture and drinking coffee has been as much of a social occasion as meeting friends at the local pub at the weekend.

The high streets of every town are packed with venues serving excellent coffee of every variety and from every corner of the globe. Of course they …

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Coffee, Tea or … Wait, How Is That Made?

How To Make a Good Cup of Tea

Most busy households throw a tea-bag into a cup, add hot water and milk, stir and remove the bag. Even stranger, many are opting for a cup of coffee.

In the 60’s it was hard to find a good cup of coffee anywhere in Britain. Tea was offered everywhere from upscale restaurants to railway stations. The traditional strong “cuppa” was brewed with loose tea and tea-bags were a rarity. There was a correct way to make tea and most Brits frowned upon straying from the true and tested method:

1. Warm the earthenware teapot (often called Brown Betty) with hot …

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