Women and Health: Are we promoting the right things?

Many women accept dieting as a part of life. It seems that our culture promotes the wrong kind of reasons for dieting, and consequently, the wrong kind of diets.

One growing issue in women’s health over the past few decades is the increase of various dietary illnesses, such as bulimia and anorexia. Most of these problems are routed in psychological issues of self-worth, which spiral from depression about one’s physical appearance. While these illnesses are in no way exclusive to women, they are unfortunately significantly more common. Sadly, there is more and more evidence to support that many of …

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My Tips to Avoid Overeating

I show people what a healthy life I lead, but in truth, I can’t seem to deal with my own overeating habit. It’s embarrassing to admit that I struggle with this.

By: Tina Haupert

Overeating is the worst feeling. I feel like I have been defeated — like my cravings have taken over and I am powerless to resist them. I feel weak and disappointed in myself. I try not to let these feelings take over because I know nothing good can come from them. But here I am, blogging about healthy living and trying to set a good example …

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