The Hell of Divorce

Divorce is a clustercuss of noxious, terrible feelings — anger, guilt, shame, grief, hatred, desperation, indignation, sadness — all wrapped up into one.

Here are 15 Irrational Thoughts To Expect — And Ignore

By Stacy Morrison

Truth is, divorce is a clustercuss of noxious, terrible feelings — anger, guilt, shame, grief, hatred, desperation, indignation, sadness — all wrapped up into one. But what’s worse is that we tend to dwell in one category of noxious (the anger and hate) and ignore the second (shame and grief), creating a potent emotional storm front that’s likely to pull us out of our …

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Bankruptcy and Divorce

Bankruptcy can play a pivotal role in divorce cases. It is common for people to run into difficulties when they are enduring the stress of a break-up.

Marriage vows are usually made in the genuine belief that a union is to last forever, which is certainly the case for the majority of couples. Unfortunately, however, divorce rates in the UK are among the highest in Europe, so it is far from unusual for marriage vows to be severed prematurely. Moreover, whilst the UK has actually experienced a recent drop in the rate at which couples divorce, the statistics continue to …

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5 Reasons to Stay With the Person You Love

One factor is consistent in all studies of marriages and long-term relationships: A main cause of divorce and separation is infidelity.

1. Love is a decision
Watching Governor Sanford stand up over these past weeks and speak about how he found his soul mate in his Argentinean lover reminded me of something Pema Chodron, a Buddhist nun and author, wrote about Sweat Lodges. She wrote that the only way to be in a Sweat Lodge — to experience all that it brings — is to sit far from the exit. Because if you sit too close, you will find a

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Dating With Children

The new woman was introduced to the kids within a few weeks — against professional counsel — and it made things hell.

By: Mary Jo Eustace

Internet dating, hookups, blind dates, and the odd booty call — how does this cornucopia of dating delights mesh with your role as a mom and caregiver to your kids? It all comes down to this: You can have the time of your life right now. After all, you are a consenting adult and chances are you have been through hell, but your kids don’t need to know anything about it.

For some …

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How Your Children’s Divorce Affects You

Low Cost Divorce

When couples make the decision to divorce, their lives are in turmoil. Their emotions run high and much pain and anguish fill their days.

By: Natasha Morgan

It started out to be a nice visit from my son. We spent a great deal of time talking about our jobs and how our family members were coping with every day trials and tribulations. When we moved on to his family, he dropped the bombshell. I felt as though I had been kicked in the stomach when the words came out of his mouth: “Susan and I are getting a divorce!”…

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Divorce – It’s About Time


To have a better divorce, you need to take some time to read and think about the specific steps you can take. No matter what your situation, if you follow my advice, things will soon get better.

By: Ed Sherman

As a family law attorney for over 35 years, I can tell you that unless you face a serious emergency, then

* The worst thing you can do is run to an attorney before you are more informed.
* Divorce problems are almost never legal, they are almost always personal.
* There are no — zero, not any — solutions …

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