elderly hoarder

How to Care for an Elderly Hoarder?

When I said yes to the job of caring for my elderly mother, I had no idea I was also saying yes to care for a house that had been equally badly neglected.

By: Stefania Shaffer

Have you ever passed by one of those houses where the crooked garage doors are barely holding themselves together over the heaping bulge behind them?

Then one day, on your usual stroll of the neighborhood, those garage doors are popped wide open for the whole world to see. You shudder and gasp aloud. You don’t want to linger for too long because it …

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Your Parents Moving into a Care Home

At some point, the time may come when your parents must be placed in a care home. Here are some tips to help you deal with your parents when this occurs.

By: Sarah Howard

Your parents once took care of you. They watched over you as you did homework. They bandaged skinned knees and checked under the bed for monsters. Dinners were prepared, curfews were set and they made the effort to help you grow into a functioning adult. It is heart breaking to watch this once strong couple wither and grow weak. At some point the time may come …

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