elderly travel

Travel Tips for the Elderly and Disabled

When it comes to travel, planning is the first step in a long process of getting ready for a big trip. So be sure to build in extra time for getting around.

Traveling around the world is a truly life-changing experience, which should be available to everyone. Those with limited mobility or access, and certainly those who care for them, often struggle to navigate in a world contains a lot of barriers, either by way of understanding or infrastructure.

There are a lot of moving parts (sometimes literally) to consider before taking off on an adventure. Fortunately, we’ve put together …

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Tips for All-Access Bathrooms

Too many bathrooms are cramped, awkward and inconvenient. The typical bathroom offers a less-than-optimal design for almost everyone, young and old alike.

By: Patricia Moore

Planning for retirement opens up a world of opportunities to get more out of your home. Whether embracing a new gardening hobby or creating a quiet refuge to enjoy the morning paper, your home should be your oasis. Applying a few simple design ideas now can help to ensure that your home remains perfect for you and your loved ones as you age, and frequently, these changes will enhance the overall style or functionality of …

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