Baby Boomers Are Teaching English Abroad

Hundreds of thousands of English language speakers are hired every year to teach abroad. Many do not require teaching certificates or even degrees.

There may be a new definition of “senior trip,” and it has nothing to do with a class celebration just before graduation. It is, rather, a way for the newly retired to see the world, experience another culture up close and personal, earn a living and perform a much needed service. Opportunities to teach English around the world are growing, and senior citizens are giving up home and hearth to grab those jobs.

These baby boomers …

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Foreign Phrases Used in English

How much do you really know about the origins of words and phrases you use every day? We all use pie a la mode and soup du jour without a second thought.

By: By Chloe Rhodes

Picture this scenario: You’re having a tête-à-tête with an old friend from your alma mater, who is a wine aficionado. So you pick an al fresco table at a chic little café, and order from the a la carte menu. However, your companion won’t stop exchanging double entendres with the woman in the sarong at the next table. So you’re stuck listening to …

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