Jumping Off the Happiness Train

One day I jumped off (or more likely fell off) the Happiness Train and realized what a man had told me when I was twenty years old.

In the model below, you might see a number of areas where you have specific or vague goals. Perhaps you want a healthy body that will carry you well into your nineties and beyond. Or maybe there’s an old emotional trauma that you want to heal, an amount of money you wish to possess, a spiritual experience you read about and want to have for yourself, et cetera. But have you looked at …

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Create a Happier Family Life

Some comments could easily start a needless argument. If we try to diffuse the situation, we could help make family life the way it should be: Happy.

By: Natasha Morgan

We tend to use a familiar language when interacting with family and another language which is more formal for our friends. Have you ever considered the effect of some of the comments you make to loved ones? Some of them could easily start a needless argument.

Here are some examples of statements that might be made within the family followed by what we might say if we gave them some …

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Surprising Facts About Happiness

You’d be surprised how often the things we do actually make things worse, and how often things we think are unimportant have a huge impact.

By: Andrew J. Rosenthal

A wealth of research has been done over the past few years on happiness – why it’s so important to be happy, how to measure your own happiness and of course, how to improve your own happiness. Yet we’re all so busy on a day to day basis, that trying to focus on happiness can seem like a luxury.

It’s important to know why happiness is such a big deal. Here …

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