How to NOT Jeopardise Your Home Insurance!

There are all sorts of changes in circumstances which, if not reported to a home insurance company, could render a policy invalid. It’s worth being extra cautious.

Taking out home insurance is just the first step to protecting a property, as insurers expect their customers to adopt a common sense approach to security. Failing to do so could render a policy invalid, so it is worth being extra cautious to ensure a pay-out should the worse ever happen.

It is worth noting that terms and conditions will vary quite considerably between home insurance providers, so it is essential to check …

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Solutions for Baby Boomers' Long Term Care

Baby Boomers have to make sure that they have purchased enough insurance to cover escalating costs, or they may not be eligible for a long-term care policy.

By:Richard Jacobs

Coming of age the Baby Boom Generation is now or soon will be part of the senior generation.

Supposedly a majority of the Baby Boom Generation having enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle would very much like this to continue in retirement. Expected to live longer than the previous generations, thanks to the medical progression, they would still face challenges of outliving their savings.

The increased cost of living, low returns on investments, …

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Bank on Yourself for a Retirement Plan

You can use the money to “bank on yourself” and become your own source of financing, so you can reduce the control banks and financial institutions have over you.

By: Pamela Yellen

The idea of having a comfortable, worry-free retirement has become a distant dream for many boomers — even for those who did “all the right things” that Wall Street and the financial gurus told them to do. It’s become increasingly clear that conventional financial and retirement planning methods aren’t working.

The government is proposing ways to increase Americans’ retirement security. Unfortunately, however, this will simply herd more Americans …

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