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The Three Cs to Getting Any Job

There are three Cs to getting the kind of job you want and earning the kind of money you want to earn. They basically remain constant throughout your working career.

By: Brian Tracy

There are three Cs to getting the kind of job you want and earning the kind of money you want to earn. These three Cs basically remain constant throughout your working career.They are contacts, credibility, and competence.

First, the more contacts you have in the marketplace, the more likely it is you will find the job you want. The more people you know and who know …

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Working With Employees


Stay visible. Make certain all your employees see you at least once a day. Your employees need to know you’re involved and interested.

By: Robert Sullivan

Dealing with employees (contracted or yours) is always challenging and will tax your best management and leadership skills. The following listing, based on a good deal of experience, are items to consider that will help keep you out of trouble when dealing with your employees:

* Be willing to pay for the best. Remember, you get exactly what you pay for … no more and no less.

* Everyone has their own …

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10 Annoying Habits That Can Damage Your Image at Work

If you’re the one with the annoying habits, knock it off! It might just help you keep a job you need in this tough job market.

By: Marc Hershon

Today is an especially bad time to get fired, especially for something that’s not directly related to your job. That’s why you should care about simple annoying habits that can damage your image at work. Sure you know those clients or coworkers who drive you crazy. But here’s the rub. Without you being aware of it, you probably make other people nuts, too. See if any of the following sounds …

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The Silver Lining of the Recession

Woman Considering Her Life

If you are wondering ‘what it’s all about’, here are some ways you can reconnect, raise your awareness and start re-designing your way to a new meaningful life.

By: Laura Berman Fortgang

Human beings have often engaged in the search for meaning, but today’s economic downturn has brought the subject to light in a new way. People are re-evaluating whether their financial power to accumulate possessions and wealth is the only determining factor of their happiness and success. Some are being forced to shrink their activities, their budgets and their ambitions and many report that it is not all bad. …

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How to Recession Proof Your Family and Develop Kids Strengths

Girl Working on Computer

Too many CDs taking up space and not enough time transfer them to an iPod? If your child can work an iPod, he can offer this service to others.

By: Jenifer Fox

Remember the movie Karate Kid? Wax on, wax off? The zen master prepares the boy for Karate championship by having him repeat endless chores that seem meaningless like rubbing the wax on a car and rubbing it off. Later in life this motion is used as an expert Karate move.

When I was a girl, my father had us cleaning plate glass windows with a squee gee. Surprisingly,

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