The Case for Motivation

My question was, “How do they do it?” and, even more precisely, “Where do they get their motivation?” 

“It sounds like you’re asking me why I want to be healthy,” he said, brow furrowing. “I don’t quite—understand.” Steve had arrived at a southern New Jersey research facility about an hour before. He passed a variety of screening inquiries confirming that he leads a healthy lifestyle and agreed to answer questions about his health behaviors. Eight other 50+men of broad life experiences joined him.

As an initial step in my research, I assembled two identical groups of men, one in New …

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Tips On Getting Motivated

Often it will bring back my motivation and I won’t mind returning to the work that I previously put to the bottom of the pile.

By: Natasha Morgan

If you work in an office and find yourself facing a pile of paper-work that is calling for your attention, how do you tackle it?

The mornings for me are the worst, especially those dreaded Mondays. Although my most productive time is before lunch, it’s the getting started that I find painful.

Sometimes, I am rescued by someone who needs to know something or needs a document prepared in a hurry. Now, …

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