What Type of Networker Are You?

People think about you for a variety of reasons and you are effectively staying in the front of their minds. Keep doing what’s working.

By: Michelle Tillis Lederman

1. When you are in a group at a networking event and someone says something that you relate to, what do you do?
a. Say nothing.
b. Say nothing but make a mental note or jot it down on the back of their card.
c. Look for your opportunity to interject the thought into the conversation.
d. Interrupt with enthusiasm over the fact that you have something in common.

2. When a

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Building Your Network

Networking fulfills one of your deepest subconscious needs — getting to know people and being known by them. It makes you feel more in control of your career.

By: Brian Tracy

We live in a society, and as a member of that society, it is likely that every change in your life is strongly influenced by other people in some way. The courses you take in school that shape your career are often at the instigation of a friend or counselor. The books you read, the tapes you listen to, and the seminars you attend are almost invariably the result …

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