Get a Better Car for Your Family

Before taking ownership, you would be allowed to go for a test drive to be sure that the car is in the condition that you requested.

By: Guest Post

Almost everyone wants to own a car and most are looking at ways to get a good car at an affordable price. Considering the high price tag on new vehicles, many shoppers are leaning toward purchasing a used car.

Most reputable car dealers are offering “previously owned” cars that are in excellent shape, along with their line of brand new vehicles.

Another option that has recently become popular is a refurbished …

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Buying a New Car

Stay cool when picking up your new car. Read all paperwork that you are signing. Take an inventory of everything you purchased and check it against the list you made.

By: Suzanne Tremblay

Today, women influence about 85 percent of all new vehicle purchases and this year more women than men will buy new cars. In spite of these facts, patronizing remarks and intimidation techniques still run rampant in some dealerships.

Since the average price of a new car today is between $20,000 and $25,000. and you’ll likely spend the next five to seven years with the car that you …

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