It's Not What We Say, But What We Do

Despite the vast numbers of sonnets and songs, scientists believe that courtship between humans happens predominantly on a nonverbal level.

By: Marianne J. Legato, MD, FACP and Laura Tucker

Hey, Good-Lookin’

Physical appearance is, of course, one of the very first things we notice about one another. A male bird’s beautiful, brightly colored plumage intrigues prospective mates. The same is true of humans. I recently tried to persuade a good friend that charm and charisma were the things that men eventually and ultimately responded to in a woman. “The first thing we notice,” he replied, without missing a beat, “is …

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What His Bond With His Mom Says About Him

A man who has a good relationship with mom is more sensitive, communicative and understanding toward women’s emotions than one who barely speaks to his mother.

By: Natasha Burton, Julie Fishman and Meagan McCrary

Ah, men and their mothers. It’s a bond we may not fully understand until we birth sons ourselves. In the meantime, we’ll keep busy by examining how the men in our lives interact with their mothers, in order to glean more info on their overall character. Here’s a guide to help your guy analysis.

1. He Calls Her Daily. If your man and his …

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Let Go of Your Past to Heat Up Your Present Relationship

By accepting that your partner has had lovers before you and by letting go of jealousy, you can move on and reap the benefits of your present relationship.

By: Jennifer Hunt & Dan Baritchi

Though we’d all prefer this not be the case, most couples have to deal with the emotional baggage left over from their partners’ previous relationships. How do you deal with the vast array of emotions that surface because of the last guy you lived with or the last girl he loved? What happens when these feelings are negative and self-destructive?

Whether you’re in your first …

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It's a Fling Thing

Before you embark upon a fling with that hottie you just met, ask yourself the following questions to keep your sex-pectations in check.

By: Kimberly Dawn Neumann

No doubt hook-ups happen. And sometimes they can be okay, but you must have both eyes wide open prior to taking a bedside tumble. In other words, before you get jiggy with that hottie you just met, ask yourself the following questions to keep your sex-pectations in check.

  1. Am I doing this for the right reasons? If your reason for a fling includes trying to wipe out the memory of an ex or

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A Mother and Daughter Memoir

I grew up in 1960s suburban Los Angeles.  My mother didn’t like me to smile at strangers, play outside after dusk, and most importantly, be far away from her.

By: Leslie Gilbert-Lurie

“Mommy, I was afraid that you died.”

“I didn’t die. Sleeping. I was sleeping.” Holding my cell phone, I propped myself up on the pillow and regained my bearings. I was in an elegant hotel room in Washington, D.C. Judging from the burning sensation in my eyes, I had not been asleep for long.

“I was so worried when you didn’t answer the phone.” My daughter’s small voice …

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Breakup Warning Signs

Breakup Warning Signs

A change in the frequency of your arguments, is a strong indicator that your partner has started to withdraw his emotional attachment to you and the relationship.

By: Jay Cataldo

While a breakup can seem to come out of nowhere, the warning signs are usually all around us.  The trick lies in not only knowing which signs to look for, but in being brave enough to acknowledge them when you see them.  Though I can’t give you the courage you’ll need to address your relationship issues, I can show you how to develop a sixth sense for when a …

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Looking for Love This Summer?

Looking for Love This Summer?

This time make it meaningful. Not to say that all summer romances are just meaningless flings, but you have to admit that some are.

By: Laura Berman Fortgang

Summertime is a time of great romance. Single people find each other after the dearth of winter as they sun in the park, do outdoor activities, and party with friends at outdoor spots. Not to say that all summer romances are just meaningless flings, but you have to admit that some are. If that leaves you flat and feeling empty and maybe not even willing to try, here is a new way …

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Mother’s Day Redefined

Michelle Obama at the White House

This is the first Mother’s Day that we’ve had a new role model in the White House. Mrs. O. represents a new wave of women who are starting to embrace the fact that their career may come in waves.

By: Claire Shipman & Katty Kay

This Sunday Michelle Obama will spend her first mother’s day in the White House. We don’t know much about the surprises planned — other than that they will almost certainly involve her two daughters, her happens-to-be-President of a husband and a dog named Bo. Yes, she already gets a fantastic breakfast every day, superbly prepared …

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My Mother’s Bed

Mother and Daughter

Lying next to my mother at forty-one, I felt a hand on my wrist, a delicate bird-hand I know as well as my own, as I wondered aloud what the hell happened to my life.

By: Elizabeth Flock

The bed is already crowded when I crawl into it.  The cats have arranged themselves neatly around my mother and they are not happy when I climb aboard and upset their cozy set-up.

I fit easily into my father’s mattress indentation, he’s begun his day but the covers have kept his spot warm.  My mother is just awake, still soft …

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He’s Just Not That Into You or Is He?

Couple Holding Hands

If you want to find the One, look for a man who provides regular and consistent contact that gets better over time. Here are 16 Key Questions to Ask.

By: Diana Kirschner, Ph.D

He’s Just Not That Into You, the bestseller-turned-movie starring Jennifer Aniston, debunks the obsessive thoughts single women have about hotties who sweep into and out of their lives. The authors go into excruciating detail about the excuses and stories we make up to justify our fantasies about unavailable men. We waste hours and hours thinking and dishing about how, “He’s on a deadline at work.” “He’s

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“Living Apart Together” or LAT Relationship

Some Baby-boomers are concerned about complicating their inheritance, particularly if there are children and step-children involved.


By: Natasha Morgan

One day over coffee my good friend Jane and I were discussing relationships. Since we are both divorced Baby-boomers and carried a fair amount of baggage, we were able to keep this conversation going for quite some time.

“Would you ever get married again?” I asked Jane after she told me about the new man in her life.

“Good grief girl, nobody gets married these days” was Jane’s immediate reply.

While the trend toward relationships without marriage seems to

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