What We Know — And What We Don't About Our Sex

Our brains aren’t set in stone, even if our sex is. If we learn from each other, then these differences become opportunities, not divisions.

By: Marianne J. Legato, FACP and Laura Tucker

To begin, I’d like to present you with an overview of the science as we currently understand it, via true-or-false statements that come from questions I’ve been asked at lectures and by my patients. As you read, I’d like to remind you that while there do seem to be gender-specific ways of thinking, remembering, and experiencing emotion, those differences do not necessarily connote superiority. Dr. Kandel’s groundbreaking research …

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It's a Fling Thing

Before you embark upon a fling with that hottie you just met, ask yourself the following questions to keep your sex-pectations in check.

By: Kimberly Dawn Neumann

No doubt hook-ups happen. And sometimes they can be okay, but you must have both eyes wide open prior to taking a bedside tumble. In other words, before you get jiggy with that hottie you just met, ask yourself the following questions to keep your sex-pectations in check.

  1. Am I doing this for the right reasons? If your reason for a fling includes trying to wipe out the memory of an ex or

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Does Sex Come First in Politics?

In a charmed life, the best thing going is what is happening now.Eliot Spitzer, the former governor of New York pays for a prostitute with a credit card? He must be the only public figure to do so! What was Bill Clinton thinking? Okay, he wasn’t.

By: Joel Block, Ph.D.

Mark Sanford, governor of South Carolina, when he was in congress, commented about Bill Clinton’s affair, something like this: “A politician who behaves that way should resign.” The week before Nevada senator, John Ensign, another morality watcher, took the affair bullet. We all know the drill by now, “I apologize …

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We Expect Each Other to “Mind Read” Our Needs

Expect Your Partner to

Your partner is not going to be able to read your mind, so at some point, you’re going to have to get over it and talk to each other about your sex life.

By: Joel D. Block, Ph.D. & Kimberly Dawn Neumann

Wouldn’t it be nice if your partner just knew what you needed all the time? If at precisely the right moment he would just be there with the perfect compliment or item or whatever without you even asking? Dream on. Even the most communicative of couples are unable to completely anticipate each other’s needs.

The desire to have …

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Slutty Versus Sexy

Slutty Versus Sexy

In the long run, sexy is going to keep a guy interested, while slutty has a limited shelf life. If a guy sees that you’re confident, he’s attracted.

By: Simon Oaks

Now that you intend on having an open and honest sex life, how do you plan on getting him into the sack? Slutty and sexy are a couple of very effective tools you have at your disposal for snagging a guy. Both tactics will get you a man, but will they secure him for the long term? There are a few things you need to know about acting …

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