How Stepmothers Can Find a Good Therapist

Stepmothers need to find out some basic information to make sure she and a therapist share similar philosophies and goals.

By: Rachelle Katz, Ed.D., LMFT

At least three times a week, stepmothers email me requesting a recommendation for good therapist where they live. Usually, I don’t know anyone in their area but I give them a list of questions to ask therapists before they finally select one with whom to work. Finding a good therapist requires some detective work. You need to find out some basic information to make sure you and a therapist share similar philosophies and goals. This …

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New Year's Resolutions for Stepfamilies

Stepmothers can take a lesson from stepfathers:  Stepfathers generally report lower levels of involvement in the early years of stepfamily formation.

By: Wednesday Martin, Ph.D.

The dawn of 2010 is a watershed moment for what we might call the New American Family. This is the year, according to many experts, when stepfamilies will outnumber first families in the U.S. One in three Americans is now a “step” of some sort — stepparent, stepsibling, or stepchild.

There’s now no denying that stepfamilies have our place in mainstream American culture. But there are plenty of struggles too. Many stepfamilies find they don’t …

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Expert Advice For Stepmothers

The kids need to know that the husband and wife come first and that they are a unified team. Otherwise, the kids can split the couple apart and create tension.

By:  Wednesday Martin, Ph.D.

Books for stepmothers tend to perpetuate certain myths. The myth of the blended family and the myth of the maternal stepmother are the most glaring examples. These books’ relentlessly upbeat tone can make stepmothers feel as though our own occasional negativity and impatience regarding his kids are freakish. Other books on stepmothering are so lighthearted, so insistent that we see the humor in our situation and …

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