Turkey Safety Tips

Turkey Safety Tips

Refrigerate or freeze prepared food and leftovers within two hours. The number of bacteria will double in 20 minutes if left at room temperature.

By: Natasha Morgan

Food-borne illness has been a growing concern over the past 10 years, with reports of contaminated spinach, tomatoes, peppers, apple juice, berries and beans sprouts.

The majority of food-safety problems occur at home and could be prevented by safer handling of food. With turkey season just around the corner, this would be a good time to refresh yourself on food safety tips:

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.


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Tales of Thanksgiving Food and Friendship

The truth is, we don’t pick our relatives. So if the Thanksgiving gathering of the clan is an annual emotional challenge, you aren’t alone.

By: By Andrea Israel and Nancy Garfinkel

For some people, Thanksgiving evokes warm feelings triggered by memories of a close-knit family gathering, where relatives share traditions and a home-cooked meal.

For others . . . it’s the beginning of a holiday season stuffed with lunatic relatives, family dysfunction, bitter recriminations, and heartburn.

We heard a wide range of Thanksgiving Tales this year while traveling around the country for our Recipe Clubs. Inspired by the plot and …

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Is Eating Red Meat Harmful to Women’s Health?

red meat

Estrogen or progesterone related tumors were more likely to develop in the women who consumed larger amounts of red meat than women who minimized their intake.

In recent years studies have been conducted to try to determine if eating red meat as part of a regular diet can cause cancer. The research is most interesting to those of us who would find it hard to give up our steaks and Sunday roast beef yet keenly appreciate the importance of a healthy diet.

As much as we might hope for a different outcome, one recent study published in the Archives of …

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