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A Smarter Summer Vacation

Your family vacation does not have to break the bank. It takes creativity but the satisfaction of taking a rewarding vacation within your means is well worth it.

By: Pamela Yellen

It’s that time again. Time for eating watermelon, chasing down popsicle trucks and catching fire flies. School’s out and days are longer. In our hectic, non-stop lives, we’re really ready for some quality R & R. We’re ready for vacation!

Looking back as adults, many of our fondest childhood memories were summer road trips, family excursions to theme parks, camping trips or visiting relatives in far-off places. As …

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Vacation Emergencies 101

Carry your own emergency care guide on airplane. You will have flight attendants but you won’t have 911. Ultimately you are accountable for your baby’s safety.

By: Luke Hermann, M.D. & Tara Summers Hermann, R.N., B.S.N.

Before You Leave Home
Create an emergency information pack:
a bag or envelope but make sure you pack this in your carry on luggage — don’t check it)

1. A list of current medications with dosage and an extra copy of prescriptions.

2. A list of allergies.

3. Phone number for family doctor.

4. Insurance company phone number and insurance identification cards. Call

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