The Hottest Kiss in the History of Earth

The Hottest Kiss

The Hottest Kiss

There have been so many kisses throughout this relationship with my wife.  Which one is the absolutely hottest? How different this kiss was than that first one fifteen years ago.

By: Jeffrey Stepakoff

My wife gave me a kiss this morning before I left for work, which for me is a small office where I sit alone and write all day.  This was not a particularly special kiss.  Perhaps you know the type:  one hand holding the phone to the ear while the other hand flips the kids’ eggs, here are my lips, have a good day, goodbye.  Still, I find myself thinking about that kiss this morning.  Oh, man, how different this was than that first one fifteen years ago.  (Actually, fifteen years and nine months ago, but who’s counting?)

First date kiss.  Ah.  We’d had an amazing dinner at an incredible Asian fusion restaurant where they were mopping the floors under our table before we realized we finally had to stop talking and leave.  My Jeep Wrangler was parked outside her apartment, engine off, and, darn it, I was not gonna just shake hands.  So I leaned over and kissed her, on the cheek, and realizing that she was not pulling away, I let my lips linger on her skin, for quite a while actually.  It was a memorable kiss, intimate and sweet and full of promise, and it kept me awake the entire night, the scent of Ivory soap and gari, the sweet sushi ginger, forever imprinted in my mind.

The second date kiss was even better, still tender and anticipatory.  And the third date kiss, well, the first one that night, changed my life forever.

What a curious thing, this pressing of the lips business.  I’ve watched my wife kiss our two year-old so much that the boy now puckers his lips on his own and toddles on up to her.  So there must be something learned about this behavior, something hardwired deep within us that gives us a need for this act which plays out so often in the lives of couples, this notably human experience which directly involves an interplay of touch, taste and scent.

There have been so many kisses throughout this relationship with my wife.  Which one is the absolutely hottest?  There have been some great make-up kisses, and vacation kisses, and “I am ovulating get up here now” kisses.  There have been some kisses in the backs of movie theaters and a few amazing ones at airports and even some in our front door with a taxi waiting.  There was that “you may now kiss the bride” kiss with the whole world watching and the one when that first stick was blue.

And there was that one this morning, over the eggs with the phone to her ear, while the kids ran around crazy before school.  That kiss, that gets me through the day, this day, that reminds me there’s someone there who’s been through the first dates and the wedding vows and airports and the taxis and all manner of sticks that you pee on, and is still and forever my one and only partner in this adventure.

Oh, man, how different this kiss was than that first one fifteen years ago.  That first one was so great, and so full of promise, and the one this morning – even better.  And the one tonight?  Well, I think I’ll head home early to find out.

About the Author:

Jeffrey Stepakoff has been writing professionally since receiving his MFA in Playwriting from Carnegie Mellon in 1988.  His credits include the Emmy-winning The Wonder Years,  Sisters,  Major Dad,  Disney’s Tarzan, and Dawson’s Creek (as co-executive producer).  Fireworks Over Toccoal dubbed as “the next great romance” is his debut novel .  He lives with his family north of Atlanta, Georgia.