The Social Side of Coffee




There are the chain brands, such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee, that appear in almost every location – on most high streets, town center and train stations.

People have been drinking coffee for many many years but it is relatively recently that, as a nation, we have embraced the coffee culture and drinking coffee has been as much of a social occasion as meeting friends at the local pub at the weekend.

The high streets of every town are packed with venues serving excellent coffee of every variety and from every corner of the globe. Of course they also serve other drinks, pastries, cakes and snacks and despite the variety of the menu they will still be consistently referred to as coffee shops. The alternative options in coffee shops is quite staggering, there are the chain brands, such as Starbucks and Costa Coffee, that appear in almost every location – on most high streets, town centres and train stations. There are also individually run establishments that offer friendly service and just as good quality coffee.

Meeting with friends and spending time with them has been something we have all done for a long time. Despite being able to drink good quality beer and wine at home or having the ability to cook a fantastic meal in your own kitchen, for social occasions we still opt to meet our friends at the pub or a restaurant. Why is this? Well, it probably boils down to the setting, the atmosphere and being “out”. Perhaps a chance to get dressed up, to be surrounded by friends and of course often a convenient location for the meeting place. And so the coffee culture has emerged, when you are not celebrating a special occasion or the time of day is inappropriate for dining and drinking we are now choosing in our thousands to spend our social time in coffee houses.

Mums with children and pushchairs meeting to catch up on the latest news, colleagues taking a little time out on a lunch break or grabbing a takeout coffee to take back to the office, friends needing a pit stop during a hard day of shopping, or the lads enjoying a large coffee and a snack before a football match. The sociable coffee culture embraces all sectors of society and that is one of the keys to its success. You can have the latest and most efficient coffee machine at home to enjoy the most aromatic and flavoursome coffee but for a sociable experience make a date to meet friends at your local coffee house. Sit back and enjoy!

Photo: Hari Prasad Nadig