Tips for Downsizing to a Smaller Home

Smaller Home

Smaller Home

Downsizing is a big step, but by taking the plunge and making the move, you can find a home more suited to your boomer lifestyle.

By: Caroline Smith

Are you living on your own, with the kids grown and living away? With all that extra space, you may be thinking of moving out of your larger home and into a smaller residence. You no longer require all of the rooms that you have, and taking care of a large house can be time-consuming and exhausting. A smaller home is easier to maintain and will give you more time for traveling and working on hobbies that you can now finally enjoy in your retirement.

Advantages of a Small Home

– You will have less housework and home maintenance to do, leaving you with more free time for having friends over to enjoy special get-togethers. When you were raising a family, you may not have had a great deal of time for yourself, but now you do, and you should take advantage of it by having a small, cozy house that will not require much upkeep. Now’s your opportunity to indulge yourself in activities and hobbies that you could never find time for previously.

– You will save money on heating and electric bills, as a small home does not require as much heat during the winter or coolness during the summer months.

– You can more easily decorate a smaller residence, as there will be less space to fill. In preparation for your move, you will find yourself getting rid of clutter, since you will want your new residence to look welcoming and free of items that will detract from it. The de-cluttering process can be very therapeutic in itself.

– If you have arthritis or any other conditions that hinder your mobility, a small ranch home will be perfect for you. There will be no stairs to navigate, and you will have an easier time getting from one part of the house to another.

– A small house has a coziness to it that larger homes may sometimes lack. You will find yourself enjoying the warmth and charm of a small residence, especially when you do not need to spend hours keeping it clean.

– You can move to a street that’s closer to amenities, so it’s easier for you to get to stores and leisure facilities, saving you money on gas and making it easier for you to socialize.

Spruce Up Your Current Residence to Sell It Sooner

– Your current home is now too big for you, and you want to sell it. To increase your chance of a quick sale, your home must be made to look inviting and welcoming to all prospective buyers who come to view it. You will want your home to have curb appeal, appearing very attractive from the outside. First impressions count! The lawn should look manicured, and pots of flowers around the entrance can add charm.

– The inside of your home should be bright, cheerful and clutter-free. You’re going to have to get rid of some belongings when you move, so why not start sorting out your stuff before you sell? By reducing your clutter, you’ll make your home look more spacious and appealing to buyers.

– Investing in some slipcovers for sofas can improve the appearance of a room without the need to buy new furniture.

– Windows and mirrors should be clean, and all wood furniture should be free of dust and fingerprints, with a nice gloss from a recent polishing.

– Make sure each room has a clear function. For instance, make a small spare room look like an office or study area, so buyers can easily picture their family living there.

Downsizing is a big step, but by taking the plunge and making the move you can find a home more suited to your boomer lifestyle. Make the most of your free time with a small, cozy residence that will provide you with years of peace and contentment. You now have the chance to enjoy yourself, and downsizing your residence will help you have more money and time to do this.

About the Author:
Caroline Smith writes for Get Slipcovers, a site that has some useful ideas for home makeovers. She believes that a home should be a place to relax, not somewhere that takes all your free time to maintain.

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