Tips on Applying Eye Liner & Mascara

Applying Eye Makeup

Applying Eye Makeup

If you like the look of natural eyes, use subtle eye-enhancing makeup in shadow tones of brown or grey. Add a subtle liner and finish with light coats of mascara.

By: Suzanne Tremblay

Eyeliner Application:
Apply liner as close to lashes as possible, smudging to avoid a harsh look. To make eyes look bigger or wide-set, starting mid-lid and extend liner just past the end of eye then blend upward.

To create a soft, eye-emphasizing effect:
Apply eye pencil or cake liner in short feathery strokes from each lash. Immediately blend over with a cotton swab to avoid a harsh look. Follow with matching powder shadow to set.

To delay liner fade:
Line as usual. Set with like-coloured powder eye shadow.

To conceal eye lines and slight crinkling around eyes:
Start any camouflage work with moisturizer formulated for this area, as dry skin pulls moisture from concealer. Select matte colours to avoid drawing attention to the lines.

To hide eye puffs:
Prep eye area with a moisturizer intended for the eye area. Smooth eye puffs by blending a slightly lighter coloured concealer in the furrow directly below the puff to visually raise the area. Then apply a slightly darker shade directly on the puff to make it recede. Set with powder.

To brighten eye-area darkness:
To combat eye-area darkness, always moisturize to help’grab’ concealer into eye creases. A lip brush applies concealer precisely. Blend by patting with the ring finger–least likely to tug delicate skin. Use concealer only in dark areas to avoid the raccoon look. Finish with powder a shade lighter than the rest of face. Avoid purplish shadow and dark liner. A hint of pink blush helps neutralize blue.

For best results, use the patting method:
This is the best approach for concealers, shadows, and moisturizers in the delicate eye area. Apply with gentle taps using the pad of your ring finger. It’s the weakest of your five fingers and least likely to tug.

Eyelash curling:
This is an often-overlooked way to open eyes. Carefully insert clean pre-mascara’d lashes into eyelash curler. Apply pressure in light little squeezes along the length of lashes. Remove. Apply mascara.

Avoiding fine dry lines:
Fine, dry lines around eyes can signal sun damage, not just aging. Always wear eyeglasses with UV-filtering lenses and sun block (yes, even in the winter). An everyday cream or gel formulated for the delicate eye area will help reduce these lines.

To get rid of the look of tired eyes:
Try a blue pencil at the outer corners of lower eyelids to strengthen. Blusher shades in the blue family perk up any eye by causing whites to appear whiter and brighter.

Prevent under-eye flecks and mascara smudges:
Apply eye makeup first. Whisk away any fall-out and proceed with your foundation, concealer, and powder as usual.

If you like the look of natural eyes:
Use subtle eye-enhancing makeup in shadow tones of brown or grey. Add a subtle liner and finish with light coats of mascara.

Avoid mascara clumping and flaking:
This is usually caused by too-old mascara, a mascara formula that is not right for your lashes, or mascara build-up. Date your mascara tube and replace every three months.

To maximize lashes:
Apply mascara with at least two roots-to-tips coats. Get brush as close to the base of lashes as possible, wiggle to separate lashes and sweep up to the top of the lashes. To apply to lower lashes, hold wand vertically, sweep across lashes.

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