Top 6 Herbs to Get Lustrous Hair Naturally

lustrous hair

Lustrous Hair

Herbs are a better option for healthy and glossy hair. They not only keep your hair looking beautiful but can be used for treating scalp related problems.

By: Brenda Lyttle

Have you noticed how dull, dry, and lifeless your hair has been looking lately? Are you sure that you are doing the right things for your hair? Many shampoos and conditioners contain chemicals that harm your hair. Though they cleanse it well of all dirt and impurities, they can deprive your scalp and hair of natural oils.

Herbs are a better option for healthy and glossy hair. Although beauty brands like Shahnaz Herbals have now established their hold in the market as a herbal cosmetic brand, you may choose to use herbs in their pure form.

Herbs not only keep your hair healthy but are also used for treating hair or scalp related problems, such as dandruff. Herbs do not really have any side effects but some people may be allergic to them. So, be sure to test yourself for allergies before using any herbs.

Below are top six herbs that will help restore the missing luster in your hair:

1. Horsetail –Make your own horsetail shampoo at home and give your hair a diet rich in silica. Silica is known to restore the shine of hair and strengthen it. For your homemade silica shampoo, mix baby shampoo to ½ cup of hot water in which 3 tablespoons of horseradish has been added. Use this shampoo to wash your hair regularly.

2. Rosemary – This herb is known to stimulate the growth of hair. Inclusion of rosemary in your diet has been known to clear hair of dandruff and make it shiny. You can add it to your food or use it to make a hair rinse. Just simmer rosemary leaves in a pot of boiling water. Strain and let it cool. Use this rosemary water to rinse your hair after shampoo.

3. Aloe Vera- The gel from this succulent controls frizz and conditions hair naturally.

4. Birch – This can help with dry and itchy scalp.

5. Sage, Mulberries – Both of these herbs are known for their ability to stop hair from greying.

6. Licorice – Use this herb to stop hair loss.

When you are using herbs, check for allergies. All these herbs are relatively safe but some people, especially pregnant women can be allergic to some of them.

Other herbs that can be used to improve the health of your hair, are burdock, marigold, parsley and chamomile. Herbs have varying uses such as preventing grey hair, moisturizing and conditioning. You can purchase them at most health stores. Go herbal this season and give you hair a treat.

About the Author:
Brenda Lyttle is a beauty expert who began writing for publications in her community in 2005 and has become a leading authority on beauty tips, anti-aging, and costume wigs related topics.

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