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Benefits of Drinking Water

Drinking plenty of  water has many health benefits  and as a bonus, it has no carbohydrates, fat, calories or sugar.

The amount of water we drink on a daily basis could play a crucial role in keeping our body healthy. Professionals recommend at least eight to ten glasses of water per day to keep our body well hydrated.

In addition, the Institute of Medicine has determined that the adequate consumption of total
beverages on a daily basis to be about 2.2 liters or 9 cups for women and 3 liters or 13 cups
for men.

Not drinking enough water can have serious consequences. When the amount of water in your body is reduced, the blood volume drops and your heart has to work that much harder to provide oxygen for your other organs to function properly.  The color of your urine will indicate the level of hydration. The deeper yellow it is, the more you are dehydrated.

Here are some more good reasons why people need to drink plenty of water every single day.

Increase Energy and Relieve Fatigue
We all know that our body is mostly water. If you feel tired after any activity, your body may be dehydrated and drinking water will increase your energy level.

Promote Weight Loss
Water can help you lose weight effectively. Before you have dinner, drink a glass of water. Your stomach will feel full, and you won’t feel as hungry. Your food intake will automatically be lessened.

Flush Out Toxins
Water is considered to be a great detoxifier. If you drink plenty of water, your body can get rid of toxins through urination and sweat. You can also decrease the risk of urinary tract infections and kidney stones since water dilutes the minerals and salts in the urine. Most people drink water when they feel thirsty but by then, you are well on the way to being dehydrated.

Improve Skin Complexion
Water is an important ingredient for beautiful skin. Drinking plenty of water regularly keeps your skin moist and fresh thereby reducing signs of aging. Water can diminishe wrinkles by replenishing skin tissues, increasing elasticity, and moisturizing the skin.

Improve the Digestive System
In order to have your digestive system function effectively you need to drink plenty of water. Low water consumption is a major cause for constipation.

Boost Immune System
Water will help boost the immune system which will fight against infectious disease. Increasing your water intake can help prevent common conditions like flu as well as some more serious ones.

Improve Mood
Water plays an important part in improving mood and cognitive function. If you are in a state of mild dehydration, your ability to think and your mood may be affected negatively.

Treat Headaches And Migraines
Many people suffering from migraine headaches can find some relief if they drink water. Dehydration affects your entire body and a headache can be a symptom.

Beat Bad Breath
Drinking plenty of water will keep your mouth moist and teeth clean. Trapped food particles in your mouth allow bacteria to develop and cause bad breath.

Prevent Hangovers
A hangover is an unpleasant result of drinking too much alcohol. The common symptoms of a hangover such as a dry mouth, headache, thirst, fatigue are caused by dehydration. To prevent a hangover, drink a glass of water between alcoholic drinks and a big glass of water before your bedtime.

Regulates Your Body Temperature
Drinking a sufficient amount of water can also help regulate your body temperature. Water allows you to perspire which releases heat from your body. Water can also keep your muscles and joints lubricated, thus preventing cramps and sprains.

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