Vacation Safety Tips

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Vacation Shopping

Avoid wearing expensive jewelry and carrying designer hand bags They attract unwanted attention when you are trying to enjoy a safe vacation with the family.

A family vacation provides you the opportunity to visit new places, spend time with loved ones and relieve stress. Many people count the days until they can take a break from the daily grind and travel to a new city. No matter where you plan to travel, it`s important to take proper safety precautions to ensure that your vacation does not quickly turn into a nightmare.

One of the first steps in planning a vacation is to find a trustworthy travel agent. Travel agents can help you plan vacations in safe cities, providing you with an itinerary and suitable accommodations. Travel agents can also tell you which hotels are located in safe areas so that you can feel comfortable going to sleep at night.

Make sure you use all locks and deadbolts in your hotel room. Never leave expensive items visible in the hotel. Instead, use safety deposit boxes and safes that the hotel provides guests. If possible, avoid brining valuables with you on vacation. Leave the expensive camera at home and take a more inexpensive model. The cheaper camera will discourage thieves from stealing it.

Once you settle into your hotel, ask hotel clerks about the areas of the city you should avoid. Hotel staff will usually inform you about unsafe neighborhoods and other places that you may not wish to visit. As you travel about the city in a rental car, be aware of your surroundings and make sure your vehicle doors remain locked at all times. Travel on well-lit streets that experience a normal amount of traffic. Consult any city maps before you leave the hotel so you do not look like a tourist. People who look like tourists are easy pickings for criminals. It`s also important to remember that you should never leave valuables visible within your vehicle. Instead store them in the trunk or the glove compartment.

Families traveling with children should keep them in sight at all times. Whether you are eating in a restaurant, strolling through a museum or just hanging out at the hotel, make sure your children are properly supervised. Children should never go to the hotel swimming pool alone or visit restaurant restrooms without an adult member of the family accompanying them. Children should also know their name and address. Teach them what to do in case they get separated from the rest of the family. They should also be reminded that they should never speak with strangers or accept rides from people they do not know.

Shopping and dining out are popular activities when going on vacation. People who love to shop and eat may enjoy activities that the Eurocamp Pachacaid Holiday Park offers. If you go shopping or eat out, avoid flashing large amounts of cash when paying for purchases. Revealing the amount of money you possess in your wallet will only draw pickpockets and other types of thieves. Consider paying with credit cards or travelers` checks. Another option is to use your ATM card and only withdraw the amount of money you need at a particular time. Smart travelers also avoid wearing expensive jewelry and carrying designer hand bags when on vacation. These items attract unwanted attention when you are trying to enjoy a safe vacation with the family.

Photo: Steven J. Collins