vacationing in a rented house

Vacationing With a Baby in a Rented Home

This is your vacation time; it’s supposed to be enjoyable. Here’s why staying with a baby in a rented home is better than staying in a hotel:

Being a parent is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Not too long ago I could list a number of scary things that I’d done that was worthy of posting to social media.   I’ve pushed a few boundaries, and tested a few people’s mettle and their patience, but it all pales into insignificance when compared to the task of raising a teeny tiny version of myself.

Nothing prepares you.  The worst is never quite explained fully, and the best, well no one can get that totally correct either.  It’s a ride that thrills you one day, and the next you’re yelling for your own mamma to come and save you!

If we had to list the thrills and spills of parenthood, this contribution could be more book than blog, but I can immediately think of one issue that deserves to be tackled:  Travel and accommodation with a little one.  This will stretch you, especially if air travel is on the cards.

Let’s be honest, travelling with a baby, as opposed to a toddler, is often a tad easier, because sleeping is a baby’s forte.  Unlike a toddler, whose repertoire is more about landing on his head or setting something on fire.  Right now, how to get to your destination is a post for another day, because we need to consider where we’ll stay once we’ve exiting the airport terminal, or climbed out of the car.

Any tired parent will tell you that there is a highlight to their day, and that is sleep time.  Not the parent’s sleep time, don’t be silly, I mean the baby’s.  A quiet home means time to relax and have mommy and daddy time.  You close your precious angel’s bedroom door, you switch on the baby monitor and then you collapse on the sofa.  What you do there, is up to you.  Now take yourself to a hotel room, far away from home, and you realize that once your baby is sound asleep, the TV, mini bar, the shower and the loud flushing toilet, are all about 10 feet away from the travel cot.  What now?  Exactly!  Certainly not ideal, as your whole life is suddenly crammed into a small space where you’re too afraid to even breath loudly, never mind turn on the TV.

What you really need is a home away from home, and I mean that literally.  Why stay in a hotel, where you can have more stress that celebration.  This is vacation time; it’s supposed to be enjoyable.  One of best ways to find that home away from home is on Housetrip.

I’ve always rather liked the idea of living in someone else’s house, and this is the non creepy way to do just that.  How nice of these folks to make their homes available and home stays are often at half of what you’ll pay at a hotel.  You choose where, how big and when, and then you get to enjoy the luxuries that make your own home so comfortable, and more often than not, you get more than you’re used to. Being in a house means there’s a sunny garden to enjoy, and you know how your baby will like to crawl or play on some soft grass.  At the end of the day, there’s a room for your little one, and once you’ve tip toed out of there, you’ve got the thrill of being on vacation with no thoughts of chores.  Imagine not having to see DIY work that you’ll get to ‘someday’, that piles of bills that scare your socks off, or that stain on the carpet.  All you need to worry about is relaxing.  Turn up that TV volume, speak in more than a whisper, and light that barbeque, because it’s vacation time.  Go ahead and cancel that hotel reservation, mom and dad, you know you want to.

Photo: Jack and Megan