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Ways to Earn Extra Cash to Pay Off Debt

woman sewing

Making Money Sewing


You know it requires an extended term to pay off your debt. Take advantage of this time and start your own small business to generate that much needed cash.

By: Stewart Smith

There are a number of ways that you could earn extra money. You can pay your utility bills, cover you debt payments and put money aside for your retirement. So, why not look into some new ideas?

If you’re involved in a debt consolidation program, you know that it requires an extended term to pay off your debt. Take advantage of this time and start your own small business to generate that much needed cash.

Let’s check out some easy and hands-on money making opportunities that may interest you.

Multi Level Marketing is a demanding but rewarding business that may interest some people. With a plethora of commodities available on the market, you can choose an item that best suits your interest. However, before you can begin making direct sales of the product, you must pay a fee and enroll as an associate. Then, a quarterly or monthly subscription payment will keep your membership active. The key to making money in Multi Level Marketing is to spread your business beyond your circle of friends and family. If you are part of an active online community, use the social media platform to put the word out about your product.

Important homework before signing up with a merchant company:

* Judge the quality of the product and its brand name. A quality product with a good name will always sell well.

* Gain a clear understanding of the costs involved in distributing the product. Are you liable for shipping charges to obtain the merchandise?

* Beware of companies that force you to store huge amount of inventory items.

* Ensure that the company is abiding by all government regulations. Some countries have restrictions affecting joining fees.

Mystery Shopping is a unique way to make money. If you enjoy shopping, this business opportunity might suit you. You may not become a millionaire but it can be really fun to you get paid for buying things.

Legitimate companies offering Mystery Shopping opportunities may require you to complete forms that ask for personal financial information. You may also have to make an upfront payment. Once you pass the eligibility criteria, your status is verified using an email password system.

Beware of scam artists that try to lure you into signing with them while masquerading as a reputable company. They use “fraud checks” and “advanced fee” schemes in an effort to have you part with your money.

Article Writing and posting content on blogs can give you a good recognition as a writer and pave a way for you to earn money. If you have good writing skills, start researching job markets on the internet such as www.elance.com or www.peopleperhour.com. When you have found one that you like, create your job posting and publish it to thousands of contractors.

Contractors will provide you with specific requirements and pay you by the hour, word count or a fixed price depending on the complexity of the topic. Academic essays and technical papers will pay handsomely as they require specialized skill knowledge.

Making Hand Crafts or Jewelry can become a lucrative online business if you have this knack. Show your creations to friends and family. Give away samples along with your business card or brochure. Host “Show and Tell” parties for friends and neighbors and offer items from your collection as door prizes.

Open a blog or a website and display images of your best designs. Start a campaign of online marketing using social media. If your work appeals to people, you may suddenly be bombard with orders. However, building an e-commerce website where visitors can purchase your creations, is not an easy task. It requires the skills of a professional which will cost you money that you may not be able to recoup from your business.

These are a few ways that can help you to earn money if you devote your time and effort to the task.

Photo: Elvert Barnes