Rx drugs

How to Streamline Your Rx Mess

Sorting the RX bottles in alphabetical order will make your inventorying much easier when it comes time for renewals later.

By: Stefania Shaffer

There are many compelling reasons that surround my move back home to live with my elderly mother—none the least of which is the near accidental overdose from the many Rx prescriptions whose labels she can no longer read.

Ask yourself these 4 questions to determine if you might need a little help in sorting out your own Rx mess:

1. Does your eyesight still allow you to easily read the Rx labels so you know the …

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Spiraling Health Care Costs

The legislation that created the new Medicare drug benefit expressly prohibits the federal government from attempting to negotiate lower prices with drug companies.

By: Jim Schlagheck

Americans are deeply unhappy with the country’s health care programs and costs. And rightly so. As one author observed, “A recent survey showed that only 17 percent of respondents in the United States were content with their health-care system . . . Why the discontent? The superficial reasons are simple enough to describe: the system is hugely expensive, very bureaucratic, and extremely patchy. The expenses first: U.S. health care costs a third more, per …

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Medical Discount Plans: They’re Not Health Insurance

Some medical discount plans claim to provide big discounts for services from doctor visits and dental exams to hospital stays and prescription drugs.

Affordable Health Care Plan
Pre-existing conditions? No problem!
No Deductible or Co-pays
Thousands of providers in our PPO network
Discounts up to 60%

Claims like these in magazines, on television, or on the Internet may sound like they’re selling health insurance. Probably not. Most of the time, they’re pitching a medical discount plan, card, or program, and chances are, they’re aimed at people who are in the market for ways to reduce the cost of health …

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