Top 5 Back to School Shopping Tips for Parents

shopping mall

Shopping Mall

After a shopping trip last week, I made a guide of my own. This includes some back to school tips that I gathered over the time while shopping for my daughter.

By: Claudia Lyttle

For having a daughter who goes to school which require uniforms, I am quite a lucky mom. This makes school shopping trips much easier for me, especially the clothes. During a shopping trip last week, all I had to do was pick some new shirts and pants for her school uniform, and a major part of back to school shopping was done!

But as far as others things required, the list was pretty long. Thankfully, her friend had already identified the stores with sales on them which made it almost a budget friendly trip. Walgreens had quite a few good deals because of which we could get all her school gear including necessities like pencils, rulers, notebooks, towels for $ 85.

Long gone are the days when school used to provide with all these things! But this shopping trip did make me wonder what do parents with 3-4 children do when it comes to back to school shopping? So I made a guide of my own. This includes some back to school tips that I gathered over the time while shopping for my daughter:

  1. Look out for tax free stores: Try shopping from places which do not calculate tax with the purchase. This can help you save at least 6-8 percent of your billing amount. We don’t realize but at least 25% of our bill is comprised of tax. So, if you get a chance to skip paying this extra amount, you should go for it. But this also depends on the rate of tax in your state. Supposing you live in Florida, you get tax free weekends which make quite a good deal. You can get the list of tax free holidays from the internet.
  2. Shop from thrift stores: Don’t throw your clothes which get small or when you begin to dislike a certain item. The best way to put them to use is to recycle them or give it to other people. Money can be saved this way because an inventory is formed from the reusable stuff which is then made buyable. It is like shopping from thrift stores for a school purpose! Children may dislike this idea, but they can be convinced.
  3. Look out for clip coupons: Search on some local search engines for those clip coupons. You can get some great discounts if you put in some effort into finding those coupons. Most of the times they are easy to find and loaded with great sales. So, before you set your foot out for back to school shopping, carry one of these with you!
  4. Stick to your budget: Satisfaction of the kids is also important but so is drawing a line somewhere. Assign a limited budget to your kids and see what they pick up. This way, the kids will have a sense of freedom and since they are on a budget, they will end up picking important items only. Show a little trust with them and they sure will amaze you!
  5. Use reward credit card: Using a rewards credit card is also a good way to go while shopping for school. These cards entitle you to get your cash back, travel and also many other benefits. If you have to get a new card made, you might as well do that before the school opens to get the best deals. Getting a reward card proves to be really helpful when shopping for kids and the perk to get while using it is just an additional advantage.

These 5 tips are surely a great help for parents to complete this taxing job without much of inconvenience.

About the Author:
Claudia Lyttle is a financial consultant and a member of many financial communities. Lyttle insists that apart from the annual government credit report, you must also access your free credit reports monthly to stay alert and avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.

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